(Clearwisdom.net) Several officials (Zhang Aihui, Wang Min, and Liu Chang) from the Qianjin Labor Camp in Harbin City brutally tortured Falun Gong practitioner Ms. Zuo Xianfeng. Family visits were then prohibited as a means to cover up the persecution.

Ms. Zuo Xianfeng, 30 years old, is a middle school teacher in Sandaogang Village in Yilan County, Heilongjiang Province. She was arrested and taken to the Qianjin Labor Camp in Harbin City in late June 2010. Division 1 political head Zhang Aihui forced Ms. Zuo to write statements denouncing Falun Gong. Zhang even ordered inmates to write the statements and forced Ms. Zuo to sign them but she refused to yield.

Zhang was the former deputy head in Division 2, and he was transferred to Division 1 as political head in March 2010. Zhang is very vicious and forces all detainees to recite words admitting themselves as labor camp prisoners every day, before breakfast and prior to sleeping. Because Ms. Zuo refused to recite those words, Zhang took her to the third floor where she and another official, Liu Chang, tortured her.

Liu Chang is the deputy head in Division 1. During one day in late June 2010, Liu shocked Ms. Zuo with high-voltage electric batons; however, Ms. Zuo did not yield. Then, Zhang ordered Ms. Zuo to go to an office on the first floor and continued to torture her there. At 8 p.m., Ms. Zuo was carried by Li Cunli, a practitioner sent to the labor camp because of appealing for Falun Gong. Lu Cunli had to constantly support Ms. Zuo as she could not walk nor stand because her entire body continuously quivered from the torture.

The next afternoon, Wang Min forced Ms. Zuo to squat down, depriving her access to the toilet. As a result, Ms. Zuo's entire left leg and foot were severely swollen, causing her great pain and inability to walk.

Ms. Zuo had many symptoms of severe illness by July 10, 2010. Due to the electric shock from the batons and other torture methods, her internal organs were damaged to the point that she could not even drink water. This condition lasted for 8 days. When attempting to have breakfast one day, Ms. Zuo fainted and toppled over to the floor.

It was a family visit day on July 16, 2010. To avoid her family seeing Ms. Zuo's poor physical condition, labor camp officials sent her to the hospital in advance and did not bring her back until the visitation time was over. Ms. Zuo's husband was denied visitation rights.

Provincial and city officials came to the Qianjin Labor Camp twice for inspection between July 12 and 16, 2010. To cover up this brutality, officials contained Ms. Zuo on the second floor of a repository building. Zhang Yanli and Sun Tieying (newly transferred guards) were assigned to stay and monitor Ms. Zuo with the door locked from inside. Ms. Zuo was not allowed to return to the cell until the inspection was over. By then, she could not even drink water.

When Ms. Zuo was in critical condition on July 18, 2010, officials sent her to the hospital for the second time. Her family came for the second time to visit her on July 25. Her father had walked hundreds of li (one li is 0.5 kilometer) to visit her. However, Division 1 head Wang Min and other officials denied his right to visit her, concealing her life-threatening condition from him.

After two denials of visit, Ms. Zuo's mother came on August 16, a family visit date, after walking more than one hundred li. By then, Ms. Zuo was already released from the hospital and held in an isolated building with a police guard and inmate Wang Yuhua watching her. Ms. Zuo was released from the hospital before being treated, and her nose still held the tubing inserted for force-feeding when she left the hospital. For the third time, her mother was not allowed to visit her.

In addition, Ms. Yao Jinxian a 37-year-old practitioner from Chang'an Town in Bin County, was sent to the Qianjin Labor Camp in early August 2010. Because of refusing to write statements denouncing Falun Gong, she was severely abused by Wang Min, officer Cheng, and Zhang Yanli while being held in an isolated building. Wang Min ferociously beat her with electric batons (made of thick iron pipes, 50-60 cm long). Zhang Yanli slapped her in the face, creating severe bruising, and officer Cheng also participated in the persecution.

The Qianjin Labor Camp: 86-451-84115086
Division 1 head Wang Min: Police ID 2343072, 86-451-86953257 (Office)
Division 1 Political head Zhang Aihui, Police ID 2343046

Division 1 deputy head Liu Chang, Police ID 2343105
Labor camp head surnamed Wang, Police ID 2343001; Labor camp head surnamed Ye, Police ID 2343006, 86-13945666688 (Cell)
Guard Zhang Yanli, Police ID 2343093; Guard Yang Guohong, Police ID 2343031
Officer Cheng, Police ID 2343023