(Clearwisdom.net) The moment I saw in the the news that the first performance of Shen Yun in Hong Kong was forced to be canceled, my mind instantly and rationally thought about how mature Fa-rectification period Dafa disciples should be.

We have seen that all of the evil party's acts in this dimension, be they aimed at Fa-rectification or Dafa disciples validating the Fa and saving sentient beings, will become an inevitable force to accelerate its disintegration. Its purpose is to interfere with Dafa disciples helping Master's Fa-rectification, but every time the end result is the opposite. Its cunning outwits itself, and I feel the helplessness and sadness of this group of beings who are following the old forces by doing harm and refusing to step into the new cosmos. At the same time, I have also sensed the seriousness of cultivation amidst the urgent process of rescuing sentient beings. We need to be more mature, wise, rational, have more righteous thoughts, and be more strong-willed.

The Fa determines that all situations in human society today exist and appear for Dafa and Dafa disciples. Hence, my understanding is that this severe incident reflects our immaturity as one body. As one particle in this one body, looking inside, one may see human attachments that should be seriously dealt with, including zealotry. Fa-rectification has progressed to this degree! I failed to concentrate enough to support the Shen Yun performance in Hong Kong in my daily sending forth of righteous thoughts. I thought the outcome was decided, and that the evil had no way to turn the tables. This is a typical loophole that shows how we are not clearheaded.

We should know that as long as the Fa-rectification has not ended, the persecution will not stop itself, and the evil will not automatically turn to good. We should not relax our righteous thoughts at this precious moment. Which attachment has caused us to not treat seriously such an unprecedented chance to cultivate? Each opportunity in the cosmos will not reappear, and every time we don't do well, a portion of sentient beings loses the chance to be saved. This critical moment when lives are saved or ruined will manifest as a difference of heaven and earth magnitude. We have learned the universal truth and we are the guardians of the future cosmos, so how can we not sacrifice everything for salvation?

What I want to share here with fellow disciples is that if each particle in our one body can truly be rational and keep righteous thoughts, the people in China will all welcome the Shen Yun performance, even though the evil may still be present in the surface dimension. We will see the natural effect of saving sentient beings. That day is not far from now.

Everything we experience in the process will be seen from the future as unforgettable, which can only help each Dafa disciple to cultivate, becoming more mature, more rational, wiser, and with more solid righteous thoughts.

The above is my personal enlightenment. Please point out any part that is insufficient.

Written on January 26, 2010