(Clearwisdom.net) I live on a farm near Wuxue City in Hubei Province. I am forty years old, and I would like to tell everybody about a medical miracle that happened to me.

On May 25, 2002, while working on the 4th floor of a building being constructed in Guangdong Province, I fell down to the ground and passed out. I was sent to a hospital where it was discovered that my spinal column was broken in several places. The surgeon there implanted twelve steel plates to support my spine. In addition, my legs and wrists were broken and my internal organs sustained serious damage. I did not regain consciousness until about 36 hours later.

Due to the life threatening condition I was in, they kept me in the intensive care unit for about half a month before sending me to the ward for regular patients. After more than three months in the hospital, I still could not get up on my own. Later, with help and crutches, I could move a little but still could not care for myself. The doctor thought that I was injured so badly that I would not live for more than three years. At any rate, it was believed that I would be disabled for the rest of my life.

After being released from the hospital, I was not able to take care of myself. In December of 2002, my former employer gave me fifty thousand yuan as severance pay and sent me back home.

At home, I still needed care and medical support. I realized that it would not take long before all the money I had would be gone. What was I going do?

By March of 2004, I was thinking of committing suicide because I had nowhere to turn. But, one night I had a dream in which I was reading the book Zhuan Falun. In 1997, I had spent two days learning Falun Gong and saw this book at that time, but I was not able to continue at that time because I went to Guangdong Province to work. I knew that Falun Gong was good at healing and that Master Li was giving me a hint to return to the practice through this dream. However, in 2004, the persecution of Falun Gong by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) was ongoing and I had no way to get a copy of the book. By July 2005, a Falun Dafa practitioner found a copy for me and then my brother got a copy of The Great Consummation Way of Falun Dafa in which all the exercises are described. It was at this time that I truly started my practice.

At the beginning I was not able to stand, so I leaned against a wall to do the first four exercises. After I finished reading Zhuan Falun for the first time, I felt much better already and did not need to take any more medicine. As I persisted in my practice, miracles began to happen. In less than a week, I could stand up on my own to do the standing exercises, and by August 25, 2005, I was able to walk without using crutches.

At this point I had complete confidence in Falun Dafa, and I was very sincere in following the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance. Before I re-started my practice, I indulged in gambling, smoking, drinking and sexual relations. After practicing, I gave all that up.

As I continued making progress in my practice, by mid-September 2005, my third eye opened and I saw Master removing the steel plates from the right side of my spine. Then, about eight days later, I saw Master removing the plates from the left side of my spine. Immediately, I felt very comfortable. At first, I thought this was probably an illusion. However, after a month, I could not resist the temptation to check it out, so I went to the hospital to get an x-ray. What I had seen with my third eye was real and the doctor was taken by surprise as well. He said that this was indeed a great miracle.

In the latter part of September 2005, while doing the stretching exercise, my broken wrists returned to normal. By January 2006, my broken legs also returned to normal, and I could carry heavy weights without any problem.

In Chinese tradition, a man does not cry unless there is a truly worthwhile cause. In my case, I was a man who had been declared by the doctor to be crippled for life. Yet, in just half a year, my health returned to normal. I am so grateful to Dafa and Master Li for my second life that I cannot stop crying when thinking about the miracles.