Name: Wang Zhiwen (王治文)
Gender: Male
Age: 60
Address: Beijing
Occupation: Engineer for a subsidiary holding company under the Ministry of Railways
Date of Most Recent Detention:
July 1999
Most Recent Place of Detention: Qianjin Prison (前进监狱)
City: Tianjin
Persecution suffered: Imprisonment, Torture, Sleep Deprivation

( (Correspondent from Beijing) At the Qianjin Prison in Beijing City, kind-hearted male practitioners are being routinely monitored by "personal cangues," consisting of convicted gang and mob members. [Note: the word "cangue" was originally the name of a torture device, but now it is being used in prisons to describe an inmate who is designated by guards to monitor and torture practitioners.]

Mr. Wang Zhiwen, who used to be a member of the Falun Dafa Research Society before the Chinese Communist Party illegally banned the organization, is being held at the Qianjin Prison. He has been severely tortured for many years now, because of his faith in Falun Dafa.

The guards at the Qianjin Prison order personal cangues to monitor and severely limit practitioners' movements, even to the point of watching them while they use the bathroom. Since every prisoner wants to be released as soon as possible, the guards easily persuade them to torture practitioners in exchange for reduced prison terms and petty perks.

The guards assigned sixteen inmates (four groups of four inmates) to take turns monitoring Mr. Wang, subjecting him to long periods of sleep deprivation. Whenever he closes his eyes, he is beaten. They also force him to sit on a bench for long periods of time with his feet together and straight out. If he moves even just a little bit, he is verbally abused and often beaten. They also inserted toothpicks under Mr. Wang's fingernails, causing him to bleed profusely.

The above is only a fraction of the many inhumane tortures Mr. Wang was subjected to in the Qianjin Prison. The prison is located at Chadian Town, Hangu District, Tianjin City and operates under the direction of the Beijing City Prison Administration Bureau in Qinghe Subdistrict.

August 27, 2009