Classical Chinese Artists Admire DPA's Beauty and Profundity (Photo)

( "Five thousand years are a script. Ten thousand miles of mountains and rivers are the stage. Children of China sing the grand opera. A divine culture comes from the heavens. In glory, new principles are formed. The divine display their spirit. A new world is established to pave the path back to heaven. We look forward to the return of the gods, who are calling to awaken us. The path is in front of us."

London's Arts Community Enthusiastically Acclaims Divine Performing Arts, "Brilliant! So Moving I Could Cry" (Photo)

( As Divine Performing Arts (DPA) gave its final performances at the New London Theatre, the curtain opened to a packed house. Spontaneous rounds of applause burst forth from the audience throughout the performance. The audience's enthusiasm was so great that they were reluctant to let the performers go, and they answered to three curtain calls.

Director-General of Taichung Art Education Society: The DPA Is Indeed Great (Photos)

( It rained heavily on the morning of March 6 in Taichung, but that did not dampen the enthusiasm of the audience that came to watch the show by Divine Performing Arts (DPA) International Company in Hui-Sun Auditorium at National Chung Hsing University.

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