(Clearwisdom.net) Segregation rooms in Jinan Women's Detention Center are specially intended for persecuting Falun Gong practitioners. Both the doors and windows are covered with black cloth. The guards employ a variety of tactics to torture practitioners in attempts to "reform" them so that they will no longer practice Falun Gong. Practitioners are pressured to sign a guarantee statement.

Guard Xue Yanqin ordered prisoners to force practitioners to read materials that slandered Falun Gong and to write a report on what they read every day. Any practitioner who did not finish the report was not allowed to sleep. If practitioners needed to use the bathroom, they had to report to the guards and slander Falun Gong. Otherwise, they were not allowed to go. A dozen prisoners took turns beating the practitioners. If a practitioner faints, they pour cold water on her to revive her, then continue beating her. They don't stop beating the practitioners until they sign a guarantee statement. They also force "reformed" practitioners to beat those who have not been "reformed." If the "reformed" practitioners are reluctant to do so, they are labeled as "falsely reformed" and tortured again.

Examples of persecution of Falun Gong practitioners in Jinan Women's Detention Center:

In November, 2007, Ms. Yao Guihua of Zibo City realized that it was not right to be "reformed." She was detained in a segregation room. Guards and prisoners took turns trying to "reform" her, but she was very determined and shouted firmly, "Falun Dafa is good." They got very angry, stuffed a piece of dirty cloth into her mouth, and continued beating and cursing at her. Ms. Yao's legs were struck so hard that they became numb and she could not walk.

Ms. Sun Yuehua from Yantai City also realized that it was wrong to be "reformed." Guards detained her in a segregation cell several times. Female guard Qiao Ruimei forced Ms. Sun and Ms. Yao Guihua to sign the three statements. The two were tortured by all kinds of means until midnight. Their bodies and minds were seriously injured. Both are still being persecuted by officer Xu Hui (district head) and Deng Jixia (political instructor) in the No. 7 District Prison.

In the summer of 2008, Ms. Song Yun from Qingdao City was incarcerated. The guards forced her to stand in her bare feet on the balcony for days without a rest. Even though she was menstruating, she was forbidden from going to the bathroom. Ms. Song refused to be "reformed," so they ordered Qiu Xiuxin, Zhu Huifen, and a dozen other "reformed" practitioners to take turns torturing her every day in attempts to "reform" her. Zhu Huifen grabbed Ms. Song's head and repeatedly smashed it on the ground. Yao Qianqian (from northeastern China) pinched Ms. Song's breasts and nipples, and Zhang Shoulan smashed Ms. Song's head against the wall. The list of tortures she endured goes on and on. She was later sent to the No. 7 District Prison for further persecution. On September 10, 2008, she felt very uncomfortable, so she asked to practice the Falun Gong exercises. She was persecuted again for making such a request. Political instructor Deng Jixia ordered prisoners to carry Ms. Ms. Song out to do hard labor. They tortured her all the way from the sixth floor to the work unit by hitting her and throwing her down the stairs. She was severely injured. Deng Jixia also dragged her into a bathroom and forced her to sit on the wet floor. Deng ordered several prisoners to watch and torture her every day.

Ms. Lin Jianping refused to be "reformed." She refused to write the "thought report," so she was beaten brutally by guards and prisoners. There were bruises on her face and body. She was also deprived of sleep.

Ms. Bi Jianhong and her mother from Yantai City were persecuted in the detention center. Ms. Bi was detained in a segregation room several times. She could not walk due to the brutal beatings. She lost her eyesight as a result of being persecuted. She held a hunger strike, but was later force-fed salted-water in a prison hospital. Ms. Bi is still on hunger strike in the hospital.

Ms. Xu Mei is from Zibo City. She is in her forties. In 2007, her term was extended by three years after she walked away from the prison. She was detained in a segregation room for a long time. In 2008, she was put in a detention center and forced to be "reformed." Guards and prisoners took turns beating her and trying to force her to sign a guarantee statement. She is still being held in the No. 7 District Prison.

Ms. Wang Fenglan is from Shan Town. She is in her fifties. In the detention center, she was brutally beaten by He Fuxiang, a police-hired thug. She is still in the No. 7 District Prison.

Brutal beatings, force-feedings, and sitting in a segregation room are happening every day in detention centers and prisons in China. Political instructor Deng Jixia often ordered prisoners to secretly put a white powder into practitioners' bowls. Exactly what this powder was is unknown.

Guards in Jinan Women's Detention Center: Xue Yanqin, Xu Yumei, and Sun Xiaoli

Hired thugs in Jinan Women's Detention Center: Song Qi'ai (from Yantai City), Wang Xiaoran (from Jinan City), Wang Honghua (from Weifang City), Min Huirong (from Qingdao City), Xu Yongqing, Wang Haiyun (from Weihai City) and Liu Xinying.

Jinan 610 Office: 86-531-88928107