Many Falun Dafa practitioners who live outside of China work on many projects to save sentient beings. At the same time, they have a lot of responsibilities at work and at home. Therefore, the amount of time they spend on studying the Fa and practicing Dafa exercises is often reduced. Even when they take the time to study the Fa, it's not easy to do it with a calm mind and heart. This is a common issue.

We are first of all cultivators in Dafa. Without Fa-study, we are not true cultivators, because without Fa study, we can never make changes at the micro-level. In other words, we are not practicing Dafa if we don't study the Fa. In our current projects to save sentient beings, we are not just trying to save the people in this world, but also the lives and elements related to them in larger and more microscopic dimensions. This is something that we wouldn't be able to achieve with our human thoughts and actions. A non-practitioner would not be able to do this at all.

As fa as I know, seen from higher levels, ordinary human society is a very dangerous place. The old cosmos systems pressed their degenerate and evil elements into this world, and they were evenly distributed. Those beings who interfere with and persecute Dafa practitioners are not only in China but outside of China as well. They just manifest in different forms. For example, when we don't pay enough attention to Fa-study or don't study the Fa well; when we have conflicts among ourselves or even try to drive other practitioners away and can't cooperate with each other; when we are too stubborn or look down upon others, or when we pursue comfort; all of these can be considered forms of the evil's persecution of practitioners who live outside China. The evil is trying to stop Falun Dafa practitioners from studying the Fa and obtaining the Fa.

We cannot treat Fa-study as a formality. We need to put our hearts into it. In fact, it's not easy to study the Fa since just picking up a Dafa book doesn't mean we are truly studying it. It is critical for us to focus on the Fa and suppress other distracting thoughts and read the book with a calm mind so our main consciousness is studying the Fa. During Fa-study, we need to rectify the lives, materials, and elements in our own systems so we melt into the Fa. Therefore I imagine it is an astonishing process in other dimensions. How could the evil not be afraid of this? Therefore, it is very important for us to maintain a strong and clear consciousness in this world so we are truly studying the Fa. Meanwhile, Fa-study is a solemn and sacred privilege for us. We must know that it is the evil that is watching us and making us unable to focus or develop all kinds of thoughts or even get sleepy when we are going to read a Dafa book. With good Fa-study, the evil will be eliminated.

Sometimes we aren't able to maintain our xinxing level. We don't look inside and we develop friction among us. We fail to carry our Dafa projects to save sentient beings. All of these are related to the fact that we didn't study the Fa well. Paying more attention to Fa-study and truly learning the Fa well is the fundamental way to help us do well during Fa-rectification.

The above is my personal understanding. Please point out any shortcomings.