(Clearwisdom.net) On April 5, 2008, Divine Performing Arts' Chinese Spectacular put on its fifth and final show at the Sydney Entertainment Center. The show came to a close with tremendous applause from the audience.

New Immigrant from China Attends the Show Five Times in a Row

Ms. Zheng immigrated to Australia from mainland China over a year ago. She told the reporter, "I attended all five shows of the Chinese Spectacular in Sydney. My daughter and son-in-law bought a ticket for me for the first show, and I bought tickets myself for the rest of the shows."

Ms. Zheng said that she was worried during the first show if she would fall asleep half-way through. She said, "Actually, I did not fall asleep like I thought I might, and I came out of the shows refreshed and feeling wonderful."

Proud to Be Chinese

An elderly man from China said that the Chinese Spectacular show was good and that this was why many people had come to see it. He said, "That our Chinese divinely-inspired culture can be extensively spread in the world, and that many foreigners like it and are impressed, shows that it is indeed good. It made me proud to be Chinese." His favorite performances were the drum acts, "Drummers of the Tang Court" and "Victory Drums."

"I Will Come to See It Again Next Year"

Caroline Jago is a former stage actress who works with educational and financial TV programs. She said, "This show was really excellent, just lovely. I saw many beautiful dances and costumes. The backdrop was unimaginably beautiful; the colors were so beautiful. These costumes' colors were perfectly arranged-- really fantastic."

Former actress Ms. Caroline Jago

Ms. Jago enjoyed 'Lightness and Grace,' 'Drummers of the Tang Court,' 'Chopsticks Zest,' and 'Victory Drums,' "My favorite acts were the drumming." This was Ms. Jago's first time viewing Chinese dance. "I loved watching the Spectacular and I will come to see it again next year."

Australian Veteran: "I Wanted to Continue Watching It"

Australian veteran Mr. Walter Leijten drove several hours from a remote area to see the Chinese Spectacular and enjoyed the show very much, from the music to the dances.

Veteran Mr. Walter Leijten (right)

Mr. Leijiten said, "I hope to come to see it every year. I liked the 'Drummers of the Tang Court' and 'Victory Drums' the most. I also liked the Erhu performance. I thought the Chinese Spectacular was too short, and I wanted to continue watching it. I think the director, choreographers and dancers of Divine Performing Arts are remarkable. I'm very grateful to them."