(Clearwisdom.net) Two Chinese students, Mr. Liu and Ms. Zhang, were among the audience of the Chinese Spectacular at the Consert and Congress Center in Linkoping, Sweden on March 27.

The two students were amazed by the show. Mr. Liu liked all the performances, and his favorites were the drum dances. "The drum dances were very encouraging. They demonstrated Chinese people's spirit," said Mr. Liu.

One of their Chinese friends living in France recommended this show to Mr. Liu and Ms. Zhang. Ms. Zhang said, "We thought that we would have to go to another country to see it, but then I found that they would have the show in Linkoping. So we bought the tickets immediately. It was awesome. It is definitely worth the money and time. The dances, especially the Mongolian dances, were impressive," she said.

Ms. Zhang was deeply touched by the show. She said, "Some international friends asked me about the difference between Chinese, Japanese and Korean, and what typical Chinese culture is like. I didn't know how to answer them. Chinese people have lost their roots. People from other countries don't understand Chinese culture either." Ms. Zhang continued, "This show perfectly demonstrates Chinese culture. It helps Swedish people learn what Chinese culture is like. I was very proud when I heard Swedish people praising this show. I believe this show touched them. This is our roots. I am really happy because today I can tell Swedish people what Chinese culture is like."

Ms. Zhang said that it would take her some time to re-digest the traditional values depicted in the songs and dances of the show. "I am a Christian, but I respect other people's beliefs. One of my classmates is a Falun Gong practitioner. I didn't know it at first, I just felt that he was a nice person. I was not surprised when he told me that though, because he already told me a lot of facts about Falun Gong, which were totally different than what the Chinese Communist Party claims. I can see for myself which side is right. I know my friend is a very honest and kind person, and I believe other Falun Gong practitioners are like him too."

Mr. Liu and Ms. Zhang said that they would recommend this show to their Swedish friends. "We will tell them that this show is the pure traditional Chinese culture. It has genuine Chinese content. They will surely be interested in it," they said.