(Clearwisdom.net) Dr. Ho Ming-Chyuan, professor of the Design Department at the National Yunlin University of Science and Technology, and his wife attended the Chinese Spectacular on March 20 in Chia-Yi, Taiwan. Dr. Ho praised the Divine Performing Arts (DPA) for introducing 5,000 years of Chinese history to people around the world in this form and for achieving great results.

Dr. and Mrs. Ho Ming-Chyuan

Noting that the show presents the uniqueness of Chinese culture, Dr. Ho said that the colors, costume design, and the high technical background projections contributed to this great show.

Dr. Ho thought the music and dances were "amazing, totally different from other countries." He was moved by the classical and feminine movements of the female artists, and mentioned the program "Water Sleeves" as an example.

Dr. Ho noticed that the DPA had put a lot of effort in designing the background screens. He also knew that they were very particular about making the costumes match well with the stories and atmosphere, "The silk clothing gives it a fine, elegant feeling," he said.

The show gave Dr. Ho inspiration for his future designs. He thinks it's important that things created are 'culturally distinctive.' He thinks the DPA, based on the 5,000 years of culture, has preserved the spirit and connotation of the cultural characteristics. He said he would recommend the Chinese Spectacular to his students.

Dr. Ho said that he thinks the show will change society in a positive way, because the show carries beautiful things that can calm people down and clear their minds, which will help the current society.

Dr. Ho's wife, Ms. Kao Hsiu-ying, said the DPA brought her a different kind of beauty and a nice surprise. She said that the artists worked hard to spread the message on the spiritual level and it comforts and moves the audience.

Ms. Kao's favorite piece was "Drummers of the Tang Court" because it was full of power that lifted her spirit. She thinks that the "Water Sleeves" best presented traditional Chinese women's feminine side. She noted that the body language of the artists was very elegant.