(Clearwisdom.net) The Chinese New Year Splendor was presented by the Divine Performing Arts at Radio City Music Hall in New York. Audience members had praise for the visual effects and elements of Chinese culture.

Tina, from Scarsdale, NY, said that she heard about the show through NTDTV, "I was at the show at the Beacon Theatre this past [Christmas]. It was wonderful, so wonderful that it made me want to come and see this show."

She brought a friend with her and told the reporter that they both enjoyed it very much. When asked what she liked most, she stated, "It was everything I expected it to be and then some. The colors were vibrant, the music, the dances--everything about the show was spectacular." She also said that she loved the elements of Chinese culture, as well the techniques and movements of the performers.

Ms. Reda Bouchefa, a journalist and editor for an Arabic newspaper in Paris, NJ, told the reporter, "When I came here to see this show, frankly speaking, I discovered another face of China. Because usually when people think of China, they just see these hard workers, in the industrial economy, you know. But today I can honestly say that this image has changed for me. This show changed my image of China. Today, I found a new face of China, in its culture and in its traditions." She also said that she sensed that there were many people around the world, a lot of Chinese people, who are struggling to see the real image of China, the real traditions of China.

Ms. Bouchefa said that while she liked all the choreography, for her the most impressive performance was the drummers. "Because I feel that it is close to me. This is my culture, Arabic culture."

She said that she originally came from Algiers in northern Africa, and that the spirit of drumming is similar. "My country is so far from here, but there are some spiritual things that are very, very similar. Even though we are so far from each other, some things are very, very similar."

When asked for examples she explained, "For me, all people are similar. We have to keep in our minds the things that are important. We have to be modern, and keep in contact with other traditions but not forget our traditions. Because what makes me a human being is my past, my origins, my culture, and this is what I understand from this show: Be modern, but don't forget your past, your history...your roots."

"The music is very professional, The singers, the live orchestra, the tenors, they are all really wonderful, really wonderful. The meaning came through the pictures, the songs, the choreography, through everything. I got the message. I definitely got the message."

She told the reporter that the shop she works for invited her to this show because they did advertising for it. When she was asked if they were a sponsor, she said, "Yes, if you like you can say that." She also stated that this was her first time seeing the Divine Performing Arts, and she was very glad that she came.

"Personally, I am going to tell everybody--my neighbors, my friends, and my colleagues--to come and see this show at Radio City Music Hall. It is really important to see this face of China, this new face of China."