(Clearwisdom.net) New York audience members praised the Divine Performing Arts Chinese New Year Splendor for its visual effects and portrayals of Chinese culture.

Mr. Verbin Harby is from Queens, NY, and came to the show with his friend, Carmen. He said, "There were advertisements all over the place, and my friend Carmen let me know about it too.

"I liked almost everything--the colors, the costumes, the dancing. There were a lot of people on stage. I think it conveyed a lot about Chinese culture. The singing was beautiful. It was just very nice. There were very strong visual effects."

He mentioned that he had never seen anything quite like it and that he liked all the performances. He also stated that Chinese culture is not completely new to him and said, "I am not surprised because I used to live in Flushing, so this stuff is not that unfamiliar to me, but not to this extent. This was like tenfold."

Mr. Kyum Lazerus is from Manhattan and works at WKCR, Columbia University Radio. He told the reporter that he came to cover the show. He had not yet scheduled any interviews and said, "Hopefully I'm going to get some in-studio interviews."

Kyum mentioned that he enjoyed the show very much and would recommend it to people at the radio station.

When asked what he liked about the show, he said, "You could see how much work and practice and planning--just so much went into it, from the costumes, to the choreography, to the music. It was just an extremely impressive performance from all angles...except for set design. There really wasn't much of a set except for the backgrounds."

He said he liked the backgrounds, "I thought they were very pretty. I really liked how the colors of the backgrounds matched the colors of the costumes. I thought that was very well done. Every aspect of the show--you could tell that there really was an art that went into it, really a passion."

Mr. Mike Patista is a registrar at a New York college. When he was asked about his impression of the show, he said, "It was beautiful, beautiful. Everything about it was wonderful, colorful, beautiful, and I especially appreciated the spiritual messages. That was the most important thing.

"It was a beautiful show. I didn't expect it to be that spectacular."

He heard about the show through advertising, "I have seen a lot of advertisements about this. A beautiful show! I will recommend it to my friends."

He was most impressed by the beautiful costumes and choreography, but also enjoyed the stories.

Madeline came to the show with her husband, Gino Queseda. Madeline works in human resources and Gino is a salesperson.

When asked how they enjoyed the show, Madeline said, "It was very entertaining and educational. I learned a lot. I didn't know much about this culture but I learned a lot."

She said, "My favorite were the drummers. That was the most exciting part. The story telling, the host was great, both hosts were great. The Masters of Ceremony were very good, I enjoyed that part. Also, the singers were very good, and the dancers. I loved the dancers and the colors. The screen, the animation that they had on the screen with all the colors...Everything was great."

"The show got to us, and we enjoyed it very much. It was beautiful."

They said they found out about the show at a Costco store. She said, "My husband is a member and we went to buy something and saw an ad for the show there at the warehouse store."