(Clearwisdom.net) The Divine Performing Arts presented the third showing of the Chinese New Year Splendor at Radio City Music Hall in New York on February 1, 2008. Professional singers and actors offered high praise for the performance both for its content and visual appeal.

Bill Bateman, a performer who came to see the show through Actors' Equity, had this to say about the Splendor, "Oh, we had a great time. It was wonderful. We enjoyed it a lot."

Singer and actress Scarlett Daine said, "It's a really beautiful show. I think that as many people who can come see it really should experience it. The beauty and the elegance of it, the color, the drama, and the message. The show has such a wonderful message to bring to people. To start off the new year with this wonderful, awakening message...just a delightful, delightful show. It brings beauty, loveliness, elegance, and a really wonderful message about peace and everyone being united in a loving brotherhood. I think that's just really wonderful and special."

A designer said, "I love it, it's a great show. I love the Tang men, but then I think the Tang drumming should be huge--it's one of my favorite pieces. I liked the 'Chopstick Zest.' I think it [the show] has improved every year, I've seen it since 2005 at Madison Square Garden, and it just keeps getting better. I'm a big fan of NTDTV and a big fan of the Divine Performing Arts. Their shows are just top-notch shows."

Brian Dooley, president of a security corporation who has studied martial arts for 15 years said, "It was wonderful. It was a very flowing pageant performance, something you don't get to see every day. It's different. It's colorful, it flows." He said he enjoyed the Holiday Wonders back in December, which prompted him to return for the Chinese New Year performance.

Actor Larry Flaherty tried to describe his feelings about the show, "It's quite beautiful. All the pieces--I'm surprised at how intricate they are. The dances are ballet, and yet it's more than ballet. It's exciting and very moving. A lot of the dance moves, the way they are designed, work for me. They had the drumming near the end and that's when I realized that this is so dramatic, and being a guy I respond well to that because it's very macho.

"I was touched by the delicacy of the girls. They are so absolutely divinely gorgeous and their movements accentuate their femininity. It's just beautiful, quite lovely. The piece about Falun Gong and the lady singing about the red criminal, I liked that, too."

The Chinese New Year Splendor will run through February 9. For more details, please visit www.shows.ntdtv.com.