(Clearwisdom.net) The Divine Performing Arts presented three Chinese New Year Spectacular shows at the Arie Crown Theater in Chicago. Many audience members were enthusiastic when giving their opinions of the performances.

Carlos Martinez is a student at Butlet High School who recently moved to Chicago. Carlos came with a friend to see the show and when he was asked about his impressions, he replied, "It's very cultural, I liked it. It's very authentic. I haven't seen any shows like this. I think it was very good."

When he was asked if this was his first time seeing a Chinese show, he replied that his step-mother is Taiwanese and that she knows a lot about these things. His friend said, "I have seen many programs like this, but they were not as good as this one. This is really good."

About the Falun Gong program, he said, "I liked that one. That was really good. The way she was moving her hands and feet, that was very inspirational."

Daarina, a therapist, said, "I have really been enjoying myself. I love the beautiful colors, I love the beautiful Chinese gods and the coordination of the performers, and I am really enjoying myself with my family. It is definitely a family affair. I will definitely recommend it to others."

She said, "It was educating and uplifting, just the whole spiritual essence of it all is very educational. For someone who wants to learn more about meditation, the Chinese culture is definitely an uplifting experience."

Mel Logan is a psychologist and her husband Earl Zazo is a retired doctor.

When they were asked how they liked the show, she said, "It's very good. I am enjoying it very much."

Mr. Zazo said, "It's very interesting, because these are entertainers from a culture that is very different from ours. The costumes are beautiful, and the motions of the dancers are very graceful, very graceful."

When asked what their favorite programs were, Mrs. Logan said, "I can't say anything in particular, I liked the dancing, the music, the drums, probably those more than anything."

Mr. Zazo said, "What impresses me here tonight is the coordination between the dancers. With 15 or 16 on the stage at one time, they moved like one person, absolutely perfect. I mean the exactness, the motions are exactly the same in all of them. It's amazing."

Mrs. Logan said, "When the women walk across the stage, they look like they are floating. The music is a mixture of western and Asian isn't it?"

She continued, "Every once in a while, I was sure that I heard some Asian instruments. I also liked the scenery, the lighting behind, and the backdrops."