(Clearwisdom.net) The Divine Performing Arts presented three shows at the Arie Crown Theater in Chicago, and the audience members had high praise for the Chinese New Year Spectacular.

Evelyn Mallard works in middle management in a law firm, and her husband Antonio is a construction supervisor.

When they were asked about the show and what they enjoyed most, Evelyn replied, "The show was fantastic, it really was. The Mongolian dancers, the water dancers, the stick players, it was fantastic. The costumes are beautiful, it was wonderful. I just love Asian culture. I love the colors, I love the costumes, I love the charm and the grace. It was fantastic."

She continued, "I especially enjoyed the soprano; the soprano was excellent. The pianist, the young lady, she was extraordinary."

Evelyn said, "I learned that religion is having a problem in China. And I learned that the culture of the Chinese is very spiritual, the people are very disciplined and very graceful."

Evelyn said she would definitely recommend the show to her friends and family. "I was about to call my niece to tell her how fantastic it was. Everything was beautiful. It's wonderful; I can't wait until next year."

Antonio also enjoyed the show and summed up his thoughts in just a few words: "It is very beautiful."

Two legal secretaries, Mary Beth and Jennifer, attended the show together.

Mary Beth, who is also an artist, said, "It was beautiful; the dancers are just amazing and the costumes. It made me interested in learning about Chinese history." She was also surprised and pleased to see the depiction of the persecution of Falun Gong in the show. "I thought, 'This is great!' It is not only teaching us non-Chinese people about ancient Chinese culture, the myths and legends, the culture and the history, but also learning about some of the important issues that are going on right now."

She continued, "Imprisoning people for their spiritual belief, that is happening now? I had no idea. I don't know if I can do anything to help, but being aware is always important, to understand what is happening in the world and to other people."