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5. Directors of Cultural Organizations

Director of the Taichung Cultural Association: The Show Is Wonderful

The Director of the Cultural Association of Taichung, Mr. Huang Guorong had the following words of praise about the Divine Performing Arts (DPA) Chinese Spectacular, "The show is wonderful; it's just great." He was moved by the last number, "Victory Drums" and said, "The performance is marvelous. They danced so well and their technique is solid and profound. I absolutely admire the designer of the show. The whole performance impressed me deeply."

Chief of the Cultural Association of Taichung, Huang Guorong

Huang Guorong believes that Divine Performing Arts will surely make a deep impression on those who are not familiar with Chinese culture and will help them learn more about different aspects of Chinese culture such as music, dance, and martial arts. He said, "I think that the DPA performance is done quite well. They should travel all over the world and have more people learn our pure Chinese culture."

Director of Tainan Tourism Cultural Bureau: DPA is World Class Art Company

Mr. Hsu Geng-hsiu, Director of the Tainan Tourism Cultural Bureau, told the reporter, "The whole performance has a good arrangement of programs. The stage performance of the dancers and the backdrop scenery were very well integrated. The choreography is great."

Mr. Hsu Geng-hsiu, Director of Tainan Tourism Cultural Bureau

Mr. Hsu continued, "The DPA performance presented well the eastern dancing, costumes, and dance skills. DPA takes advantage of many Chinese traditional stories and has mastered important essentials to present the stories. And Falun Dafa brings hope to people. This was a very successful performance. DPA is a world class art company and has the highest standard of performing Chinese traditional arts."

Deputy Director of Changhua County Cultural Bureau: Divine Performing Arts Conveys the Principle of Kindness

Deputy Director of the Changhua County Cultural Bureau, Mr. Tseng Neng-ting spoke highly of the Divine Performing Arts Chinese Spectacular. He called the members of the DPA "meticulous and highly skilled." He also said that the show was more than an artistic performance, and conveyed a profound principle. He said, "This principle is kindness." He said that Divine Performing Arts inspired kindness from the bottom of people's hearts, and that it would benefit our changing world and create a good environment for growth.

Mr. Tseng Neng-ting, Deputy Director of the Changhua County Cultural Bureau

Mr. Tseng said that during the Chinese Spectacular, he could sense Divine Performance Arts' role in leading the revitalization of traditional Chinese culture and arts, and educating the public. He said he was quite moved by some segments, including the understanding of Buddha Fa principles and historic legends. Speaking of the two dances about Falun Gong, he said, "Even when persecuted, [the practitioners] persevered in their strong faith. This kind of devotion is extremely touching."

Head of Kaoshsiung Arts Center: Divine Performing Arts Introduces a Pure and Righteous Culture to Modern Society

To promote local arts and culture, the Legislative Yuan in Taiwan funded an international performing arts center in Kaohsiung, the Weiwuying Arts Center, which is under construction at this time. On March 6, the head of the arts center, Mr. Lin Chaohao came to watch the Chinese Spectacular with his wife. He said that the show manifested the essence of the 5,000-year-old Chinese culture and reached the highest level of truthfulness, compassion and beauty.

Mr. Lin Chaohao, Director of the Weiwuying Arts Center

Mr. Lin said, "This show is precious because it introduces a pure and righteous culture to modern society. It is different than ordinary entertainment. The dances and music in the show have profound content, which impacts and purifies people's hearts. Divine Performing Arts will hold five shows in Kaohsiung, which will have a positive effect on society."

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