(Clearwisdom.net) Practitioner Che Hongfei lives in Yingkou City, Liaoning Province. His parents, parents-in-law and wife went to Dalian City Prison four times to request his release after they learned that Mr. Che had been tortured to the point that his life was danger, then transferred to Dalian Prison, where the administrators made various excuses to protect themselves and avoided direct answers.

Che Hongfei, 37, is an English teacher employed by Hongqi Town Middle School in Yingkou City. He was later hired by the Xiongyue Town High School. He has been arrested and taken to labor camps several times by officers from the Hongqi Town Police Station and Xiongyue Town Police Department. In February 2006, Mr. Che, who had been hired to teach English at a private high school in the Yuhong District of Shenyang City, was detained because somebody reported him, and he was sentenced to seven years in prison. Because of his extremely weakened condition and his life being in danger, he was picked up by his family from the labor camp and was then monitored by officers of Hongqi Police Station around the clock. The constant monitoring compelled Mr. Che to leave home and he had to live far away from home in Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province. When he clarified the truth about the persecution of Falun Gong, he was arrested by local police officers, taken back by police from Hongqi Town Station, and detained at the Anshan City Prison. On December 27, 2007, Mr. Che was suddenly taken to Dalian Prison. He is now in very poor condition, and his life is in danger.

Mr. Che's family has gone to Dalian City Prison to request his release four times. On their first visit, the family met with the Prison Education Office Chair Wang Hongliang (male). When they saw Mr. Che, his family was very shocked at his condition. Mr. Che had been on hunger strike for more than seven months. Most of his muscles were atrophied, and long-term force-feeding had caused stomach bleeding. His body looked so weak that he was like a skeleton and was unable to walk. His family stated "Che Hongfei is innocent, and now he is in critical condition. He should be released immediately." Wang answered that he would report to his boss immediately and the decision would be made within two or three days.

On their second visit, Mr. Che's family brought a letter of request to Wang. Wang refused to take it because there were truth clarification materials in it. He said he would submit a request for "release based on medical condition" to his boss.

On their third visit, Mr. Che's family met with deputy warden Cui (male). He said that Mr. Che Hongfei's life was in danger, he was hospitalized, and therefore could not be seen by the family. He also ordered the family to pay for treatments and hospitalizations, and said that they would release Mr. Che as soon as his health improved.

On their fourth visit, Mr. Che's family met with Yang (male) who claimed to work for the Justice Division of the Dalian Prison. Yang made an excuse of having an emergency, and did not allow the family to meet with Mr. Che, but he said he would report to his upper-level supervisors, and that there would be a response soon. When Mr. Che's family and friends went back to the hotel, they were told by the owner of the hotel that the police would be doing a night-check that night and that there would be trouble if anyone didn't have identification. It was apparent that Mr. Che's family was followed by prison guards on the way back to their hotel. The guards are searching for excuses to mistreat them.

Dalian Prison Office: 86-411-86906662
Education Officer Wang Hongliang (male): 86-13188080608(Cell)
Yang (male): 86-411-86906916