Mr. Long Zhaohui, 27 years old, was a resident at No. 5 Group of Chunhua Village, Gaoniang Town, Tianzhu County, Guizhou Province. In April 2000, he clarified the truth and introduced Dafa to his village. For this, the Gaoniang Town Police detained him for one day, illegally ransacked his home, and confiscated his Dafa books, VCDs and tapes.

On October 5, 2000, Mr. Long was imprisoned at the Tianzhu County Detention Center for fifteen days. While there, he was subjected to brutal beatings. Eight days after he was released, he died from the serious injuries he received from the beatings in the detention center.

Responsible parties:

Communist Party Secretary of Gaoniang Town, Tianzhu County: Pan Xiangan
The Mayor of Gaoniang Town: Yang Xueli
Office phone number: 86-855-7742112

September 17, 2003