(Clearwisdom.net August 31) In the beginning of May 2003, while Falun Gong practitioners from Kongjia Village, Malianzhuang Town, Laixi City, Shandong Province were studying the Fa together, some vicious person reported them and the local police illegally arrested them at 10:00 pm. Later, three of the practitioners were released at different times, while the other four were detained in the town police station. The local government, acting in collusion with the police, sent the four practitioners to the Malianzhuang Town Hospital. The police forced the doctors to fabricate some health examination certificates without performing any physical examinations. Since at that time SARS was in its peak period, all the labor camps refused to admit them. Falun Gong practitioner Mr. Xu Renming was sent to the Laixi City Detention Center, where he was detained for one month and then transferred to a labor camp in Qingdao City. The other three female practitioners Tang Shuling, Zuo Jingling, and Zhang Zhenhua were sent to Laixi City and put into administrative custody. Fifteen days later Malianzhuang Town government, in collusion with the police, took them back and then detained them inside the town government building. Several days later, these three practitioners escaped from the building. But after about ten days, the police jumped over the walls and got inside the homes of Tang and Zhang, and arrested them. Zuo was arrested in a melon field. The corrupt police sent the practitioners to Xin Village Brainwashing Center of Laixi City for 15 days, and then sent them to a labor camp in Wang Village.

Since July 20, 1999, the Malianzhuang Town government and the police department have continually escalated their persecution of Dafa practitioners. In Malianzhuang alone, ten Dafa practitioners have been sent to labor camps. In the town police station, Tang did not cooperate with the illegal interrogation, and several police beat her up. Among them, policeman Xian Jinpeng, head of the so-called Security Joint Defense Guards, was the most vicious. Since Tang did not cooperate with the illegal interrogation, Xian slapped her face with books, which caused her face to swell. During the mistreatment, Tang still clarified the truth to him. Xian said, "I know that those who practice Falun Gong are good people, no matter if it's when they are at home or in the society. However, Jiang gives me the money, so I have to do this." The practitioners warned him that he should not make money against his conscience; otherwise, he would receive karmic retribution. A number of days later, Xian invited people to gamble in his home and the city police came and confiscated his property. After staying away from his home for several days, no one came to arrest him when he appeared on the street and walked with a swagger. The local residents said indignantly, "The Party is really about to come to the end. The town police official invited people to gamble in his own home. After he stayed away from his home for several days, nothing happened after he returned home. While those who practice Falun Gong are all good people in the villages, the police used all means to try to arrest them. The government officials are threatened with removal from office if they cannot catch practitioners. The Party has no way to be able to do something good, it only persecutes good people."

The phone numbers of the corrupt officials:

Wang Li, Malianzhuang Town Police Department director, 86-532-5431055

Xian Jinpeng, the previous head of Security Joint Defense Guards in Malianzhuang Town, who was removed from office for inviting people to gamble in his home, 86-532-5439369

Malianzhuang Town Government 86-532-5431036

August 30, 2003