(Clearwisdom.net) After traveling to Moldova, we spent 6 days in the capital city of Chisinau. During this time we visited government facilities such as the Chisinau City Council, the Department of Culture, the Ministry of Culture, the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Civil Welfare, the Police, the Moldova Committee, the Parliament and the President's residency. We left Dafa materials and letters at each location. We were able to obtain an appointment to visit the City Council, where a friendly official expressed a desire to help us get permission to hold a cultural event in one of the city's parks. After chatting with him for a while, we left him a newsletter, a booklet and our contact details.

We were able to meet with the President's advisor. He read our letter and we told him about Dafa, showed him some photographs, and told him about the cruel and unlawful persecution in China. We said we would appreciate it if Moldova could show its opposition against the persecution in China. The advisor listened to us attentively. It became obvious that he was also opposed to the persecution of good people. He promised to talk about Falun Dafa to someone he thought would be helpful to us.

On Saturday, we demonstrated the exercises in the city park. Passers-by picked up our Dafa materials and some of them asked where they could find a free exercise practice site in Chisinau. On Sunday we held activities in another park that had fairground rides nearby. There were many teenagers present, as well as parents and children. People stopped to watch us doing the exercises, and almost all of them took Dafa materials. The park workers all had a very warm attitude toward us and were really happy that such a beautiful event was held in their park.

One day we visited a new-age store. We left our materials there and gave them several Falun Gong books as a gift. Chinese officials had already been to this store, spreading slanderous lies about Falun Dafa and telling them that they must not sell Falun Dafa books. The store employees talked about whether the Chinese officials actually had the right to ban the sale of these books. That would be exporting their persecution from China into a European country! One young man, an employee of the store, said that he bought a Falun Dafa book because of the Chinese officials' opposition and had read it completely. We told them the truth about the persecution and the fact that the actions of these officials were completely unlawful.

We left books at the book market, as well as a Video-CD with an exercise demonstration on it. We went to a Chinese restaurant where Chinese people took Dafa materials with pleasure. We gave out newsletters in the city center every day. All of the materials distributed, including letters, contained a variety of information, including the beginning of the horrible persecution and the lawsuits against Jiang.