Li Kuangfeng, a 50-year-old woman from the Yumen District in Gansu Province, was transferred from Gaolanshan to the 2nd ward, 7th section of the Ping'antai Forced Labor Camp because she refused to cooperate with the jailers. The prison police hung her up by her wrists and beat her to the extent that she was unable to think clearly. While in this confused and semi-conscious state, her tormentors induced her to sign the "Three Guarantees" letter to denounce Dafa. When she woke up she immediately went to the captain of the prison guards and declared solemnly that all she had written under duress was null and void. One of the guards, Fan Xiaohong, reported this to his superiors and in December 2002 Li was placed in solitary confinement for twenty-one days. There Li was given only half a piece of bread to eat each day. She was forced to sit on the ice-cold cement with her hands cuffed all day long, and had to sleep on a bare bed without any bedding for the whole night in the extremely cold December weather. After being starved and exposed to such harsh conditions for three weeks she was returned to her cell, barely breathing. In late April, the police removed Li Kuangfeng from Ping'antai when the jail guards fabricated the claim that Li was still not cooperating and was on a hunger strike. Nobody knows Li's whereabouts at this time.

Jiao Tianyun, a 25-year-old woman from the Linxia area, was also imprisoned in the 2nd ward, 7th section of the Ping'antai Labor Camp. Once during a so-called "evaluation" made by the jail guards, she exposed the persecution inflicted upon practitioners by Jiang. For this, the police hung her up by her wrists and beat her continuously for more than two days. They stuffed dirty socks in her mouth to suffocate her and to muffle her screams. Although Jiao was tortured almost to the point of death, she still held strongly to the thought that she was a practitioner who let go of fear of life or death, and that it is the duty of Dafa disciples to rectify the Fa with their lives. By holding firmly to this thought she was able to transcend her fear of death, and to survive the near lethal beatings she sustained. She was able to do this is due to the mercy of Master and the greatness of Dafa.

Zhang Xiaolan, a 35-year-old practitioner, also from Yumen, is also being illegally detained in the Ping'antai Forced Labor Camp.