Truth and People's Heart

On May 19, Dafa practitioners in a city of China successfully held a small experience sharing Fa conference. They exchanged their understandings through Fa study and truth clarification.

On Teacher's birthday, I clarified the truth to my colleagues. One of them said immediately, "I always thought what CCTV [state-run TV news channel] and 'Focal Point Interview' [one of CCTV programs] said were true! Now that I have heard the truth, it's so stunning I can't live [with the lies] any longer!" We talked for three and a half hours non-stop. Somehow I saw a small electronic instrument on a desk shaped like a missile, and I said nonchalantly, "Who is the missile aimed at?" A colleague immediately said, "At Jiang!"

Latest News from China

I used my first-hand experience to expose the lies about Wang Bo on People's Daily. In order to force practitioners to write guarantee statements, Hebei Province No. 1 Female Labor Camp locked up practitioners individually, not allowing practitioners to sleep, forcing them to stand (for a long time) and squat. They beat and kicked the practitioners and shocked them with electric batons. One practitioner's foot was crippled from being shocked by electric batons.

Practitioners Exchange Insights

Experiences of clarifying the truth: One's main consciousness should predominate and one's mind should maintain righteousness. Maintaining strong righteous thoughts is the premise of safety. It would be better to keep sending forth righteous thoughts while clarifying the truth. Send forth righteous thoughts towards the truth-clarification materials to be distributed.

Means of clarifying the truth. The truth-clarification materials should be comprehensive but refined, so that readers will be able to obtain straightforward, direct and effective information within a limited period of time. Practitioners should also pay attention to the mutual exchange of experiences and insights.

See clearly through the thief's logic, the crocodile's tears and Judas' excuses. Fellow practitioners in former days who went astray on the path of cultivation, please remember: There is only one choice between evil and Dafa. If you take the evil side, you have been brainwashed. If the evil says that you made contributions, then you have committed crimes against Dafa. The thousands of years of waiting, the vows made hundreds of thousands of years ago are being fulfilled. How critical it is! Please think about it thoroughly.