(Clearwisdom.net) The government of the town of Duozhuang in Mengyin County has been brutally persecuting Falun Dafa practitioners for the past three years. They beat, confiscate the property of and destroy the homes of practitioners who hold to their beliefs.

On July 22, 1999, Zhao Chuanwen, Zhao Chuanwu, and their wives went to Beijing to appeal. After they came back, the Duozhuang government illegally detained them. Government officials did not allow them to sleep, forced them to watch videotapes slandering Teacher Li, left them outside to bake in the hot sun and tried to force them to write statements giving up Falun Gong. While being illegally detained, officials seized their homes and property. They fined Zhao Chuanwen 3000 Yuan and Zhao Chuanwu 2000 Yuan. [The average monthly salary of a Chinese worker is 500 Yuan.]

In October 1999, Zhao Chuanwen attended a Falun Dafa experience sharing meeting. The government sent him to the town's police station. Du Zhongtai, head of the police station, brutally beat him. Then they sent Zhao Chuanwen to the detention center and illegally detained him for 15 days. Refusing to give up his practice of Falun Gong, authorities then sent him to the county's detention center for another month and fined him an additional 1,500 Yuan.

In February 2000, Zhao Chuanwen again went to Beijing to appeal. The "610 Office" of Mengyin County illegally detained him for one month and then sent him to a brainwashing class in the town of Duozhuang. There, Zhao and other male practitioners were forced to labor beyond their physical capabilities. Family members of practitioners were mentally tortured by being forced to attend brainwashing classes every day and to read with him. Even Zhao's elderly mother was treated this way. They would fine the families if they refused to go.

The Party Secretary of the county's Politics and Law Committee, Li Zhiye, is the main area coordinator of the persecution of Falun Dafa and practitioners. He went to Duozhuang brainwashing class and said, "If practitioners say that they will practice, just beat them every day." Three days later, the Vice Party Secretary of Duozhuang, Li Xiufu, and the Vice Director of the Army Bureau, Fang Simin, directed thugs including Pu Fanhai and Fang Deliang to inhumanly torture the practitioners in Duozhuang. They beat the practitioners hips and legs with rubber batons. Practitioners Lu Xingde and Liu Changzhi passed out during the beating. They covered practitioner Wang Jianli's head and forcefully struck him more than eighty times with batons. They stepped on practitioner Zhao Chuanwen's hands and feet to beat him.

During the detention of the brothers Zhao Chuanwen and Zhao Chuanwu, the government of Duozhuang confiscated their homes. They took all their valuables, including automobiles and bicycles, cash, electronics, furniture, food, kitchenware and even fabric from the family business. They illegally detained Zhao Chuanwen for more than 100 days and fined him more than 20,000 Yuan. They illegally fined Zhao Chuanwu 22,000 Yuan and later returned some vehicles, furniture and fabric.

In November 2000, the government confiscated Zhao Chuanwen's motorcycle and tricycle. When they discovered that Zhao continued to go to Falun Dafa practitioners' meetings, they again broke into his house and took everything. They sold all of his possessions. They even broke all the windows, removed the doors and windows and broke apart the ceiling. In the end, they cement blocked off the doorway to prevent entry to the house. Now Zhao's house has been emptied of its contents and left strewn with debris (see picture). They also burglarized Zhao Chuanwu's house (see picture) and took away three pigs belonging to Zhao's father.

From July 20, 1999 until the end of 2001, nine Falun Dafa practitioners were sent to labor camps from the town of Duozhuang. More than 50 people were illegally sent to brainwashing classes. More than 10 families had personal possessions confiscated. Illegal fines were higher than 30,000 Yuan.

The "610 Office" is still illegally holding the brothers Zhao Chuanwen and Zhao Chuanwu. They are suffering inhuman torture just because they persisted in believing in Truth, Compassion, Forbearance.

Zhao Chuanwu's house, the doors and windows were taken apart

áZhao Chuanwen's house, the windows removed and the glass broken

Zhao Chuanwen's yard, flour container was broken

Zhao Chuanwen's house, the ceiling was destroyed

Zhao Chuanwen's yard, strewn with broken debris

Zhao Chuanwen's windows

Zhao Chuanwen's house (the east room)

Zhao Chuanwen's house (the west room)

Zhao Chuanwen's house (the west living room)

Zhao Chuanwu's house after being robbed

Zhao Chuanwen's gate, the door removed and the entrance sealed off with cement blocks