NEW YORK, May 23, 2002 (Falun Dafa Information Center) - Residents of New York City, together with the non-profit organization Friends of Falun Gong, have filed a lawsuit in New York State Supreme Court seeking an end to the hate and slander put forth by the New York-area Chinese language newspapers, China Press and Sing Tao Daily.

Practitioners display posters at the press conferenceáin front of the China Press office in Midtown Manhattan.Attorney Sheldon Leffler speaks about the lawsuit he filedá in theáNew York State Supreme Court seeking an end to the hate and defamation against Falun Gongáput forth by the New York-area Chinese language newspapers, China Press and Sing Tao Daily.

Several of the plaintiffs, numbering 72 in all, held a press conference outside the China Press offices in midtown Manhattan, today (see statement below). Former city councilman Sheldon Leffler, attorney for the case, was present to provide details about the suit. Also present were representatives of Friends of Falun Gong, a non-profit organization and plaintiff in the case.

"Over the past year, a string of defamatory articles published by these newspapers have taken lies, defamatory statements and slanderous labels, and weaved them into articles that incite hatred and distrust for practitioners of Falun Gong among the people of New York City," said Queens resident Janet Xiong, one of the plaintiffs in the lawsuit. "The harm that results from these articles is real, and the damage they have caused has touched numerous facets of our lives."

Earlier this year a similar case was filed in Montreal against Les Presses Chinoises newspaper, bringing charges of libel, slander, negligence and incitement of hatred. Quebec Superior Court handed down an injunction against Les Presses Chinoises for the publication of defamatory articles and later served the newspaper with contempt of court charges after it failed to comply with the court order. For detailed background information, please visit

In New York, the State Supreme Court issued an "order to show cause," giving the China Press and Sing Tao Daily a court date of June 6th. Failing that, an injunction order will be issued.

Sheldon Leffler speaking at the press conferenceA practitioner from Brooklyn, who is a plaintiff in the lawsuit,áexplains how she was verbally attacked many times by Chinese people who had been misled by articles from the China Press.Both Chinese and western media listen to the statements.
A representative from Friends of Falun Gong USA presented a statement. Friends of Falun Gong USA is also a plaintiff in the lawsuit.A practitioner from Brooklyn, who is also a plaintiff in the case, explains why we all need to help stop the distribution of the Chinese government's libelous propaganda.Many passers-by were shocked to hear that the China Press has been publishing fabricated stories about Falun Gong.
A practitioner from Chinatown explains how the China Press fabricated an article about practitioners back in December.Reading English Translation of practitioner's speechPractitioners display posters during the press conference
Falun Dafa Information Center spokesperson explained that the Chinese Government's libelous propaganda has been spreading all over the world, but in Montreal a court order forced a Chinese newspaper to stop.Friends of Falun Gong representative, Susan Prager and Attorney Sheldon LefflerAttorney Sheldon Leffler is interviewed by a Chinese TV station.