(Clearwisdom.net) Zhang Wei is a 40-year old woman from Dandong, Liaoning Province. When she was forced to leave home to avoid further persecution, the police arrested her family members and a friend, and tortured them in order to obtain Zhang's whereabouts. When they refused to divulge the information, the police beat them. Police also arrested Zhang's husband and illegally sentenced him to 7 years in a labor camp. The police detained Zhang's friend for 15 days (instead of sending him/her to a labor camp) after extorting 10,000 Yuan [the average monthly salary in China is 500 Yuan] for a "guarantee fee." The police arrested Zhang Wei on August 1st, and illegally sentenced her to 7 years in a labor camp. She went on a hunger strike for over 70 days until it threatened her life and they sent her to the hospital. Her husband requested her release on medical grounds. Now he has been forced to leave home to avoid further persecution leaving no one at home to take care of his three young children.

The police also arrested 17 Liaoning practitioners, including Hu Huanyun, Leng Xuemei, Wang Xuefei and others. Some were taken while they were at home, and the police forcibly sent them to a brainwashing session. When the police held secret sessions to discuss their strategy to arrest the practitioners, they wouldn't permit any record to be made of the discussion, and no subordinate was allowed to talk (only listen). Those that participated were not allowed to go back to their unit, and were forced to remain in the police vehicle. The participants said that they felt they were being controlled.

When the police arrested Ning Shuyan of Dandong, she resisted the evil police. When the police sent her to the Masanjia Labor Camp, the doctors there determined that she was sick and wouldn't accept her, so she was sent back home. The local police kept a very close eye on her. Now she has been forced to leave home to avoid the police harassment, and hasn't been able to return home to take care of her child.

Dandong practitioner Liu Meirong had been wandering away from home for over half a year. The second day she returned home, the police arrested her when she was working at home and sentenced her to 3 years in a labor camp.