Nov 25, 2002

( In one town, there was a "prodigal son." One day he met a Dafa practitioner and told him that he wanted to learn Falun Dafa. The Dafa practitioner thought this guy wasn't a good person and said, "A person like you is not good enough to learn Dafa!" After saying that the Dafa practitioner walked away without any further words. Not very long after that, the "prodigal son" got drunk and again found that Dafa practitioner, he said angrily, "What right do you have to reject me from learning Dafa?" The practitioner came to realize that he might be a predestined person and taught him the five exercises to start.

Later the practitioner brought Dafa books to his home. Seeing that he still had decadent VCDs and the other messy things, the practitioner told him, "To practice Dafa one cannot immerse himself in the base things of everyday people; you must get rid of this obscene stuff!" He followed the Dafa practitioner's words and cleaned his home.

Since he started learning Falun Dafa, his body and mind went through enormous changes: his celestial eye opened, he had many experiences that were difficult to put into words, and he gave up the bad habits that he had before. When one person obtains the Fa, many people receive benefits as well. Because of him, many of his old friends also obtained Dafa, and now his home has become the place where he and his friends learn Dafa.

He called one of his friends serving in the police force and told him his own experiences of practicing Falun Gong. This policeman said to him, "Nobody will bother you if you indulge in eating, get drunk, messing with prostitutes, and gambling, but you will be arrested if you practice Falun Gong!" He laughed and said to the policeman, "Come, I want to discuss with you [about how good Falun Gong is and how ridiculous the persecution is]."

Master said,

"If people do not value virtue, the world will be in great chaos and out of control; every one will become enemies of one another and live without happiness. Living without happiness, they will not fear death. Lao Zi said, 'If the populace doesn't fear death, what good will it do to threaten them with death?' This is a great, imminent danger. A peaceful world is what people hope for. If at this point an excessive number of laws and decrees are created to secure stability, it will end up having the opposite effect. In order to solve this problem, virtue has to be cultivated around the world - only this way can the problem be fundamentally resolved." ("Pacify the External by Cultivating the Internal," from Falun Dafa Essentials For Further Advancement)