1. While a customer was at a store buying curtains, he and the store owner talked about Falun Gong. The owner said, "That lady doing the cleaning is a Falun Gong practitioner. She is always kind and smiling no matter who she is talking with. When anyone has trouble, she is always willing to help. Everyone in the store praises her. It is hard to find such nice people nowadays."

2. While a Dafa disciple was being interrogated by a policeman, he heard a faucet dripping in another room. He got up and walked to that room. The policeman was puzzled about this, so he followed the practitioner. That Dafa disciple went over and shut off the faucet, and then turned and smiled at the policeman. Later, that policeman said, "Almost everyone here heard the faucet dripping, but nobody took any action. Compared to the rest of us, those Falun Gong practitioners are just different."

3. When National Day was approaching, a local government officer went to the police to see if there was any update about Falun Gong. The policeman said, "Nothing, except three Dafa disciples found 700 Yuan and turned it in to the police."