[Minghui Net] In order to spread the truth about Falun Gong and offer salvation to people, we Falun Gong practitioners need to print and hand out literature to clarify the truth. The funds for printing are collected voluntarily by practitioners. I was entrusted to submit the money to the printer. Some practitioners live on farms in the countryside and are quite poor. However, from their generous hearts they give unconditionally for Falun Dafa, which is very touching.

Several women Dafa practitioners from the countryside came to the city together to buy some supplies. They tried to buy the cheapest stuff, and each saved a few Yuan [equivalent to several US Cents], which they brought to me. They said, "This is a small token of our gratitude to Falun Dafa. Please use it to print however many more pages you can, even if it can offer salvation to only one more person."

There were also two female practitioners from the countryside who walked several dozen miles to come to give me 15 Yuan [equals about US$1.80, daily average wage in rural China is about $1.25]. I asked them, " It's such a long distance, why didn't you take the bus?" They said, "The fare we saved can help print more fliers, then more people will be given the chance for salvation."

The other day, an elderly woman practitioner from the countryside came to see me with a basket on her arm. No sooner did she come in than she took out 20 Yuan [about US$2.40, about two day's wages in rural China] and said to me, "I know you need money to print the truth-clarifying literature, let me contribute as much as I can!" I asked, "Ma'am, why did you carry the money in the basket?" She said, " I raised several hens, and I felt the eggs were too precious to be eaten, so I collected a basket of eggs and came to the market today. I sold all the eggs for 20 Yuan and quickly came to give it to you." I was deeply moved and said, "Please take it with you for your daily life, our Teacher will know your heart." She said, " It only makes me feel at ease when the money is spent for Falun Dafa."

There are still more practitioners whose names are unknown who have sent the money that they carefully saved.

You see, these practitioners use their own money to print fliers that clarify the truth while running the risk of being arrested at any time. They won't disclose their names nor seek rewards. Although the amount of money is not large, the sincerity of their hearts towards Dafa can never be measured. Such a heart of compassion in offering salvation to people is pure and righteous. It is not easy for everyday people to understand as it is rare that people do things in such a selfless way.