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In Hanjiujuzi village at Datun, a town in the Chaoyang district of Changchun, there was a 40-year-old female Falun Dafa practitioner named Li Guiling. She, along with her husband, made and sold tofu (a traditional Chinese food) for a living. The couple enjoyed their life. Before practicing Falun Gong, they occasionally got into little disputes, but after they began to practice, the couple and their 19-year-old son had a more harmonious family life. Since beginning the practice of Falun Gong three years ago, Ms. Li had been very healthy and had not taken a single pill during that entire time. Her healthy state was a source of even more happiness for her family.

One night just before the Chinese New Year Festival in 2001, the family was having dinner when several people from the local government and the police station of Datun barged in. They sought to drag Ms. Li out to the so-called "Transformation/Reeducation Class" with the intention of forcing her to give up Falun Dafa. She said firmly to them, "I practice Falun Gong. There is nothing wrong with being a good person. I will not go with you." But four or five people from the group of visitors forcibly carried her to the police car. They drove her to the School of Agriculture in the Xinlongshan township where the "Transformation Class" was being held. Ms. Li refused to sign pledge statements that were against her firm belief in Dafa. So she was transferred to the Heizuizi Women's Labor Camp in Changchun.

One day in April, the Labor Camp unexpectedly called Ms. Li's family and told them to bring 4,000 Yuan (The yearly income is around 6,000 Yuan for an urban worker) so they could take her home. Ms. Li's husband hurriedly arranged to borrow the money from every conceivable source and brought the required amount to the labor camp. But when the husband and son finally got to see their loving wife and mother, they were shocked and anguished. Ms. Li could not recognize her husband or their son. She could not control either her bladder or bowel movements. Her body had no strength and she could not move her legs. Her family and their neighbors were astounded by the fact that a healthy and lively person had been tortured to such a state in less than four months. Is this "Reeducation through Labor?" No, this is "Hell on Earth!"

The family was forced to pay the money and what they bailed out was a human vegetable. Who can help this poor family get their beloved wife and mother back? Ms. Li does not respond to questions. Her eyes are fixed and without expression.

We don't know what the police did to her to put her in such a terrible state. We have heard that many detained or imprisoned practitioners have become like Ms. Li and that administration of some kind of drugs might have induced these kinds of effects.

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