On the afternoon of June 3, 2001, I jumped out of a building to avoid being arrested by police who were acting as villains. I hurt my back when I landed on the ground, and my left ankle was also fractured and could not be moved. At that moment, I had only one thought: Get away from the villains! I should not be taken away by the evil forces. I struggled hard to stand up and I called a taxi. After several twists and turns, I arrived at a kind peasant's home. For three days, I had a high fever, a severely swollen ankle and an injured lower back.

For safety precautions, I did not remain in one area or it would have been easy for the police to track me down. At that time, I was quite content that I had neither been jailed nor forced to write the repentance statement. I felt that my situation kept me pure in cultivation. However, I was enduring the tribulation in a passive manner because I hid from confrontation. Each time I moved to a new place, I still did not feel safe. A warped imagination and judgment of the situation also disturbed me. A few months later, I still had not overcome the tribulation. My physical condition did not improve -- the atrophied muscles in my left leg failed to recover and my joints remained swollen. Later on, a fellow practitioner found me and gave me Teacher's new articles and Dafa materials. Tears flowed from my eyes as I read the articles. My xinxing (moral character) was upgraded and I knew that I had caught up with the process of Fa-rectification.

I enlightened that:

1. As a Falun Dafa practitioner in the Fa-rectification period, I must assimilate with the Fa. I should actively send forth righteous thoughts to eliminate the evil which resides both in other dimensions and in my mind. I should not comply with the degenerated notions of everyday people (such as passively enduring tribulations), neither should I be controlled by my own delusion. In order to effectively diminish the evil persecution, I should be fully determined in eradicating the evil forces by sending out the most pure and righteous thoughts. I realized that it was difficult to get rid of evil interference from other dimensions when I chose to hide, because the manifestation of this interference was being followed, chased and persecuted by the police in this dimension.

Only by eliminating the attachment of fear, by cultivating to the realm of non-omission and by giving no chance to the evil forces, could I attain the fruit status of Arhat - "A great Arhat in the world, Spirits and ghosts fear the most." (Draft translation subject to further improvement, Hong Yin).

2. The purpose of this demented persecution and vigorous tribulation imposed by the evil forces was to prevent me from validating Dafa and exposing the evil persecution. I should resolutely oppose all of these evil arrangements and should not passively endure these tribulations. I should treasure the time given by Teacher in allowing us to participate in Fa-rectification.

After the improvement in my understanding of the Fa, I clearly understood the role of a Dafa practitioner. Simultaneously, my physical body also improved dramatically. Every day, I read Zhuan Falun, practiced the Dafa exercises and sent out righteous thoughts to eliminate the evil beings in other dimensions. I also cleared the evil factors in my local area and in other areas and I also eliminated the distorted notions in my mind. Within five days, I no longer needed to use my cane. My legs completely recovered without developing any abnormalities. I experienced the power of sending forth righteous thoughts to eliminate the evil forces, the supreme power of Dafa, and Teacher's great compassion.

Now I am back into the stream of Fa-rectification.