To the Tune "Like A Dream"

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To the Tune "Like A Dream" -- Be Saved

Fallen deep into the mortal world,
Lost, not knowing the pathway home.
Wandering around for thousands of years,
So fortunate to meet Master
Offering salvation to all beings,
Be Saved,
Be Saved,
Do not pass up this chance again.

Note: This type of poem, called a ci poem, is a special historical literary form in China. The words in a ci poem were actually lyrics that were sung to specified tunes, and although the tunes have been lost to history, the lyrics and their arrangements survive. The poem takes the name of the tune; thus, there are many ci poems of the same name, although the lyrics are different. Each line in a ci poem contains a specified number of characters (or syllables) to match the music.

Clear Thinking

Life is a dream, passing in a flash,
Gratitude, resentment, affection, hatred, are but clouds and smoke.
The mists of the maze were dispelled today as I attained the Fa,
Now my will becomes stronger, and my heart is solid, like a rock.