(Clearwisdom.net) China's News Service (CNS) reported that Teng Chunyan had been sentenced to three years' imprisonment in Beijing for the crime of "revealing state secrets." Their next report on Teng Chunyan came out after she had spent a year and a half in jail. It reported that she was a "reformed" Falun Gong practitioner, and even went so far as to say that she has put on weight due to the nutritious food provided, and is using makeup--even becoming more beautiful as a result of her imprisonment.

This report, however, did not mention a single word about how she was imprisoned in the first place, why she was sentenced, or what sort of state secrets she had revealed. Did she go to the Chinese jail just to put on weight or to become more beautiful? The reporter is really good at embellishing his stories. Based on his descriptions, even Chinese people in the United States would vie with each other for a term in a Chinese jail, as it sounds so wonderful.

We certainly do not expect the CNS to take a neutral stand in its news reports, but no upright and honest reporter could interview someone who has been illegally imprisoned for as long as a year and a half, and then honestly report that she has been so very well treated. He also cannot deny that Teng was charged with "revealing state secrets" simply because she took photos of Falun Gong practitioners confined in mental hospitals. Speaking for Teng Chunyan, the CNS stated that it was Falun Gong that had ruined her. Can anyone believe this? She is a permanent resident of the United States, where Falun Gong is totally legal. It is completely up to her whether she practices or not. What is CNS trying to say about Falun Gong using Teng Chunyan's case? Teng Chunyan was a healthy adult before she was illegally thrown into jail. Are all the Chinese police and journalists legal illiterates?

CNS dares not mention the fact that Teng Chunyan's sentence itself was cruel persecution, yet on top of that, it spoke on her behalf: "I feel so good about the persecution!" All this can only further verify the shamelessness of the Party's propaganda.

Such is the freedom of the press and the concept of human rights under Jiang Zemin's leadership: How wonderful to be in a Chinese jail! Should any of you be thrown into one, do not say it is unfavorable treatment!