Another Fabricated "Falun Gong Suicide" Case in Zhaoyuan City, Shandong Province

Falun Dafa practitioner Zhang Lin had been detained at Wangcun Labor Camp for forced brainwashing since July 2001. On September 28, 2001, however, the labor camp suddenly informed Zhang's family members that Zhang Lin had suffered an urgent illness and they asked them to take her home. The next morning, news leaked out saying that Zhang had "jumped out of a building" and died.

Canadian MPs to Join Falun Gong Candlelight Vigil on Hill on the Eve of Prime Minister's Trip to China (Media Advisory)

Immediate Release, October 16, 2001
Ottawa --This Wednesday evening, on the eve of Prime Minister' departure to China, MPs are expected to join the Falun Gong candle light vigil in memory of 300 practitioners who have been persecuted to death in Jiang Zemin regime' brutal crack down of Falun Gong in China.

Completely Opposing the Arrangements of the Old Forces and Getting Released from Evil's Hypocritical Brainwashing Class

October 9, 2001

( One afternoon in August, a group of people from the local police station and the community office forced their way into my house. They came to kidnap me and force me to go to a brainwashing class. I sternly said to them, "Get out of here, you are not worthy!" Then I immediately sat cross-legged with one hand held vertically in front of my chest and began to eliminate the evil. One policeman came to move my legs and my hand from in front of my chest but, because of my mighty righteous thoughts, he could not move my legs or my vertical hand at all. They had no choice but to carry me down the stairs and all the way to the brainwashing class. The whole time, I continued to eliminate evil, with my eyes closed, legs crossed, and hand held vertically in front of my chest.

Are They Really Trying to "Save" Me?

(Clearwisdom Net)

My name is Gong Ruiping, and I am a female Falun Gong practitioner from the Beijing suburb of Pinggu County. On July 2, 2001, more than twenty people from my employer (the County Education Bureau) and the county police department carried me from my home by force, and sent me to a brainwashing class that was being held at the Qinan Labor Camp in Daxing County. On July 13, I was sent to the Pinggu Detention Center. Around July 20, I was forcefully admitted to the Hanzhuang Mental Hospital in Pinggu County. A while later, I was able to escape from that horrible place.

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