October 9, 2001

(Clearwisdom.net) One afternoon in August, a group of people from the local police station and the community office forced their way into my house. They came to kidnap me and force me to go to a brainwashing class. I sternly said to them, "Get out of here, you are not worthy!" Then I immediately sat cross-legged with one hand held vertically in front of my chest and began to eliminate the evil. One policeman came to move my legs and my hand from in front of my chest but, because of my mighty righteous thoughts, he could not move my legs or my vertical hand at all. They had no choice but to carry me down the stairs and all the way to the brainwashing class. The whole time, I continued to eliminate evil, with my eyes closed, legs crossed, and hand held vertically in front of my chest.

While I was in the brainwashing class, they put on their hypocritical faces. When they asked me to drink something, I didn't drink anything. When they asked me to eat something, I didn't eat anything. When they asked me to talk about trivial things with them, I didn't say anything. When they asked me to get up from the bed, I didn't get up. When they asked me to take a walk, I didn't go. One sentence sums it all up: "No matter what the situation, do not cooperate with the evil's demands, orders, or what it instigates." ("Dafa Disciples' Righteous Thoughts are Powerful")

The second day, six of them carried me up to have "class." They asked me to sit on a stool, but I said I couldn't sit on it. They then brought in a sofa, but I still said I couldn't sit on it. I finally ended up simply laying on the ground. They finally carried me back to my room because they were scared that someone would walk in and see me and cause them embarrassment.

"If you don't become transformed, we won't let your son go to college, and your husband will be fired from his job," they threatened. I told them that what humans say has never counted. They could not move my heart one bit. A few days later, some evil beings came and told me that I was extremely stubborn. They threatened that if I wasn't brainwashed soon, I would be sent to a labor camp. I told them again that what they said didn't count. When they tried to harass me again, I used my righteous thoughts three times to make them rush out of the room. We are the most righteous and we will rectify all that is not right. When your heart is determined and your mind is righteous, evil can't be at your side at all.

During the seventh night of my hunger strike, I said to Teacher that this place was not suitable for a Dafa disciple, and that I realized I should get out as soon as possible. At midnight, I started vomiting loudly. The guard quickly had a doctor come to see me. The doctor found that my blood pressure was over 200. On the eighth day, I was sent home. I realized that as long as you completely deny the arrangements of the old forces, and think of Teacher and the Fa at all times, there is no tribulation that you cannot overcome. We shouldn't cooperate with the evil at all, no matter what the evil wants us to do. We must face the evil with righteous thoughts at all times.