SINISTER PLOT TO MASSACRE INNOCENT PRACTITIONERS GOES AWAY In 1999 in Beijing, practitioners discovered a sinister plot. Here is the story: In May 1999, a plainclothes policeman told a Falun Gong practitioner in Beijing: "You will hold a Falun Gong activity in Xiangshan [A mountain in Beijing] Park." The practitioner said, " I don't know anything about this. It is you who tells me this information." The plainclothes policeman hurriedly said, " No, no, I also heard about it [from a reliable source]." At the same time, all over Beijing, there are policemen and plainclothes agents in charge of different residential areas, also mingling as spies. They are spreading the word among Falun Gong practitioners that everyone is going to the Xiangshan Park to participate in an activity. As we learned later, this was a horrible plot. At that time, an army unit had been assigned to the Xiangshan Park, deploying a big trap. Xiangshan was surrounded by armed military police. In a large area surrounding Xiangshan, the police imposed martial law. Their plan was that once they had trapped practitioners into the park, they would create a tragic massacre and fabricate a fictitious scene. After that, they had planned to block the true information and crank up their propaganda machine to announce: "Falun Gong practitioners committed mass suicide." Furthermore, they used this as an excuse to label Falun Gong as "XX" [slanderous words omitted], and launched a slandering and repression campaign against Falun Dafa on a larger scale. We Falun Gong practitioners are intelligent and rational. No one was fooled into going to Xiangshan Park. Those people who went there were all ordinary tourists. Thus, thankfully for us, this horrible plot turned out to be a failure. However, the rumors the evil people had produced about the mass suicide were still falsely and widely spread, exposing only one part of this brutal, inhumane, devilish plot. One and a half years later, Jiang Zemin resorted to any and all tactics he could imagine, either primitive, or modern, to persecute Falun Gong practitioners internationally as well as at home. Every day in Tiananmen Square, policemen arrest and beat people. After arresting people, they resort to various tortures to persecute the innocent practitioners viciously. However, the evil people still cannot prevent people from firmly believing in Falun Dafa. Their brutality has been exposed on the Internet and in the worldwide media. Jiang Zemin has no place to hide from the world's people. He has nowhere to go, but is still not willing to accept his failure. On December 29, 2000, the News Agency spread the rumor that "Falun Gong practitioners were instigating to commit a mass suicide." This is another ominous plot fabricated to kill people wantonly and then claim that they committed suicide thus absolving the government of its responsibility. The vicious people have commonly used this method. The conspiracy will definitely be exposed. Jiang Zemin has become the criminal in history who is spurned by everyone. On January 3, 2001