[Beijing] The Notorious Persecution of Dafa Practitioners in Government Offices Recently, the National Industry Commission organized forced-brainwashing of practitioners in government offices. They sent practitioners to classes in labor camps for transformation. The Ministry of Agriculture has already sent 10 practitioners in three groups to the so-called "classes" in Tuanhe Labor Camp and Tiantanghe Labor Camp (there were another four practitioners, who resisted, escaped and continued disclosing the evil). The method used by the authorities was to ask the practitioners to read some "exposing and criticizing" materials written by the "transformed people", then send some "transformed people" to discuss with the practitioners, take notes, and study the discussions. When they found practitioners with an unclear understanding of Dafa, they would talk to the practitioner and instill in him their hypocritical and evil theory. Those practitioners without a clear understanding of the Fa are easily taken advantage of by the vile forces. We hope every practitioner does not give the evil an audience. Understand the Fa [law and principle] in accordance with the Fa, and disclose the evil. Especially study more about the Fa. "The Fa can reveal all attachments, the Fa can eradicate all evils, the Fa can expose and dispel all lies, and the Fa can strengthen righteous thoughts." (Teacher's article Deter Interference) Actually, by conscientiously studying Teacher's article Suffocate the Evil, it's not hard for one to recognize their hypocritical stuff. On October 11, after returning from the Chaoyang Detention Center, a practitioner from the Ministry of Agriculture in Chaoyang District was put under strict control and sent by the Ministry of Agriculture to Miyun, Shunyi and Chaoyang Jinzhan Town Reception Motel while in custody. During the custody he was asked to write a guarantee letter several times to break away from Dafa, and was asked to sign a printed guarantee letter, but he refused. When they had exhausted all means, Ding Shuhua, the person in charge of Falun Gong matters in the Ministry of Agriculture, talked with the mother of the practitioner and asked her to bring him home under surveillance. The office would reimburse her for the cost of an anti-theft door and locks. His mother did not agree. So the Ministry of Agriculture decided to send him to forced transformation in a labor camp on November 14. This practitioner wittingly escaped from the evil's claw on the night of November 13. Now he has taken to the streets, homeless and continuing to validate Dafa. Previously due to validating Dafa he had served one administrative detention, three criminal detentions and was locked up in a hospital for slightly mentally disordered patients for four months. [Beijing] Over 100 Practitioners from Other Cities were Arrested While They were Taking a Rest in Fengtai District Around 7:30pm, on December 21, over 100 practitioners were arrested in Fengtai District while they were taking a rest. Among these practitioners were those as young as 2 yrs of age and those as old as 70-80 years of age. They were from Liaoning Province and Pingdingshan Region of Henan Province. Police began beating, handcuffing, and electrically shocking practitioners upon arrival. Forty to fifty practitioners bravely and wittingly escaped. In the beginning many police were from other provinces. Lots of Beijing police arrived later. [Haikou City, Hainan Province] Situation of the Six Practitioners (Medical Professionals) Working at Anning Hospital, Haiko City On October 1, 2000, six practitioners (three were Party members) used their vacations to appeal in Beijing peacefully. But police immediately arrested one of the practitioners Xu, Shaoxiu in Beijing. Anning Hospital had sent three people (one of them was the Director of Human Resources) to receive her in Beijing. After they brought her back, they sent her directly to the police station instead of leaving her in the hospital according to the hospital's policy. Later this practitioner was sentenced to one year of labor re-education, and fined 4,500 Yuan [US$540, US$60 is average monthly wage], causing her family financial difficulties. The other two were fined 3,000 Yuan (US$360) each, dismissed from their jobs, put under strict supervision and not allowed to get in touch with other practitioners. One month ago, another two practitioners went to Beijing to appeal, and were taken into custody by the police. Without any legal procedure they were sent directly to a labor camp. One of them, Xu Lingyue, was fined over 10,000 Yuan [US$1,200]. The amount of fine for the other practitioner was not known. Currently the two are under indefinite illegal imprisonment. These two practitioners already knew before they set out that the hospital would expel them from work. The remaining practitioner was an elderly one. He was also forced to retire earlier due to practicing Falun Gong, and put under strict supervision. In June 2000, Haikou City Police Station and Chengxi Town Police Substation searched this practitioner's home illegally and confiscated Dafa books. They even confiscated his grandson's chair cushion thinking it was for practicing. Later the police had pressured his family to restrict and supervise his activity. He was not allowed to see other practitioners. They had confiscated his ID card, and threatened to arrest him immediately if there were problems. [Tai'an City, Shandong Province] Partial List of Names of Tai'an Practitioners Under Persecution (October 2000) Under forced labor re-education: Yang Chengmei, Cheng Ailing, Zhou Min, Zhai Jinping, Zhang Liping, Pei Fenglan; Locked up in a detention center by force: Li Haomai (male, 63 years old, associate professor of the City Educational Institute) Liu Zhenming (male, former vice-principal of the City No. 1 Experimental School) Zhai Yuxi (male, former deputy director of Taishan District Mineral Products Bureau) Wang Chuanxiu (female, employee of Happy Hearts Hotel) Yang Chengyuan (male, 62 years old, retired, former employee of the City Food Company) Zhang Shenghai, Xiao ZhenBao, Yang Jisheng, Tian Shengqin (famale) Locked up in detention center by force: Li Suping, Zhang Xianmei, Jia Shijie, Zou Guilian, Pu Lingqin, Li Aihua, Gu Jing, Shen Yueying, Yan Lanying, Ren Xiumei, Jin Hua, Wang Shengli, Zhao Weidong, Zhao Chuanfeng, Jia Yueshui, Gong Xiqiang, Wang Zhi'an, Li Jiawen, Dong Lixue, Gong Hongwei, Song Qi'ai, Ma Junting. Under forced transformation study: Pei Fengqin, Jia Yuefu, Jia Feng, Feng Aimin, Feng Chengjun. Above is only a partial list of the practitioners under persecution. Since July 1999, the number of practitioners who had been detained, tortured, injured, and robbed due to cultivating the righteous Fa is countless. Some policemen's looting behavior even gave onlookers a chill. [Shiyan City, Hubei Province] Shiyan Police in Hubei Province Detained 100 Dafa Practitioners On the night of December 24, Shiyan Police in Hubei Province detained a lot of Falun Gong practitioners while Westerners celebrated the Christmas holiday. It was said that this detention activity began at 6pm. Every police station took practitioners away under the excuse of having a conversation, 100 to 150 practitioners were directly put into the detention center. Most of them had gone to appeal in Beijing. Some were just released several days ago. Shiyan City No.1 and No.2 Detention Centers were filled with practitioners in just one night. As a lot of practitioners went to appeal in Beijing recently, and Chinese New Year's Day and the Spring Festival are drawing near, the City Public Security Bureau set up an "Intensive Study Class" half a month before. Dozen of Falun Gong practitioners were detained illegally. They were not permitted to have contact with others. Then police put 100 practitioners in criminal detention. It was said that somebody from the Province Government came here and personally supervised the activity. Their behavior aroused practitioners' families and angered citizens. Even those relatives who did not support practicing [Falun Gong] learned of their evil characteristics. Until December 27, dozens of practitioners were put into labor camps. [Haerbing City, Heilongjiang Province] Practitioner from Haerbing City was Detained When Handing Out Flyers A practitioner was found distributing flyers on October 15 by Hexing Police Station in Haerbing City. Policemen Wang Xiaodong, someone named Sun and others brutally beat up the practitioner during the interrogation, which lasted for almost a night. Zhang Jinbing, the director of Politics and Security Unit of Nanguang District Public Security Bureau, and some persons from the No. 1 Unit of the City Public Security Bureau were on the spot. Then they ransacked the practitioner's home. They took away Dafa books, Teacher's pictures and other things not related to Dafa. On the second day, the practitioner was put into the detention center. [Haerbing City, Heilongjiang Province] Practitioners were Force-Fed in Yaziquan Female Detention Center of Haerbing City. We went to appeal in Beijing, however policemen detained us and even sentenced us to labor camp. During detention, we were cursed and physically abused. In order to validate Dafa in jail, we went on a collective hunger strike. We were forcibly fed with highly concentrated sodium water, mixed with milk and an unknown yellowish medicine. Dafa practitioners were brutally tortured. After that, policemen asked the inmates to watch us in case we vomited the food. If someone vomited, she would be forcibly fed again. The director Wang even claimed that practitioner should be forcibly fed even if she ate food. They forcibly fed us while slandering and cursing us. In less than an hour, nine practitioners were fed. A 60 years old practitioner was fed 4 times in just one hour. She could not speak when she was sent back. [Huairou County, Beijing] Evil in Huairou County Detention Center We were detained in Huairou County Detention Center on December 10. After being interrogated several times, practitioners would not tell their names and addresses. At 2:30pm on December 12, I was interrogated by Zhou Lidong. At that time there was another guy about 21 or 22 years old, who was against Dafa from skin to bone. He and Zhou Lidong brought me to the No. 9 Interrogation Room. They asked me to practice on the ground in the full lotus position. Several minutes later, they brought a round bag, which was about 40-kg [88 LB] filled with sand and stones. The young guy told me they would let me go if I told them my name. Otherwise, they would put the bag on my leg. I knew that I had practiced just for short time before. I had not practiced diligently. The reason why they did it was to upgrade my xinxing. I felt so bad. In the end when I thought of Teacher, the bag suddenly did not feel so heavy. At 5:30, I was sent back to No.18 Detention Cell. On the second day, I was transferred to the No.19 cell. According to inmates Lanyang and Fan Zenghui, several groups of practitioners previously fought against the evil. If a female practitioner did exercises at night, she would be undressed and the police poured 100 to 150 basins of cold water onto the practitioner. Male practitioners would be left suffering outside in the cold only wearing their underwear. Whoever did the exercises; would be beaten by guards in the detention center. An older female practitioner did the exercises; a guard gave her an electric shock with an electric baton. The baton that was charged for three days eventually ran out of batteries. All in all, the Huairou County Detention Center was a dark den of evil forces. [Dalian City, Liaoning Province] Information of Some Practitioners are Being Illegally Sent to a Labor Camp in Dalian City Recent information of practitioners being detained illegally in Dalian City Labor Camp: Until December 25, about 100 male practitioners and 130 female practitioners were detained. Most of them wrote appeal letters and asked for lawyers. They refused to accept the charge of "disturbing public order". They asked to rectify the reputation of Dafa and release the detained practitioners. They also asked to meet with their families. Most of them were sentenced to 2 or 3 years in labor camp. A few were sentenced to 1 year or 1.5 years. Practitioners sentenced to one year were given additional criminal charges to increase the detention time. Recently, 84 practitioners went on hunger strike to validate Dafa and safeguard Dafa with their lives. Until December 25, Sun Lianxia and another 10 practitioners had been on hunger strike for 9 days. They were still continuing. During the period, all practitioners were forcibly fed. Doctor Gao, a female practitioner, was forcibly fed, which led to vomiting blood and difficulty in breathing. The following is the list of names of some of the Female practitioners being detained in Dalian City Labor Camp. Dong Guiyan, 34 years old, was arrested in Tiananmen Square, 3 years; Cai Shufen, 61 years old, arrested without cause, 3 years, home was ransacked; Ma Aihua, 50 years old, clarified the truth to the public, 2 years; Liu Lixia, 36 years old, clarified the truth to the public, 3 years; Chen Xianping, 36 years old, appealed, 3 years, home was ransacked; Wang Guiqin, 46 years old, appealed, 2 years;Sun Yuying, 44, appealed, 2 years; Ma Shumin, 42, appealed, 2 years; Wang Shumei, 43, appealed, 2 years; Shan Baoqin, 24, appealed, 2 years; Wang Lianhua, 47, appealed, 2 years; Liu Chunying, 36, appealed, 3 years; Wang Jiang, 34, appealed, 3 years; Jiang Guirong, 46, detained at home for no reason, 2 years; Gao Xiang, 34, detained at home for no reason, 3 years; Li Na, 32, detained at home for no reason, 3 years. (Total 16 people above) Wang Lilan, 62 years old; Wang Qiuxia, 47; Li Yansong, 52; Sui Junqi, 47; Zhu Xiangxi, 37; Li Hong, 47; Xue Nan, 23; Zhou Changfeng, 34; Ma Haijian, 46; Liu Huabin, 49; Fen Shulan, 52; Wang Qin, 61; Sheng Xiulan, 48; Liu Furong, 32; Yu Cuiying, 62; Yang Suowen, 43; Ji Yumei 26; Zhang Yijie, 29; Sui Shuping, 40; Cai Juan, 37; Zhang Yichao, 32; Song Yuping, 35; Yin Jun 33; Wang Qiuping, 51; Wang Jinzhi, 43; Yao Hui, 29; Zhang Xuemei, 31; Qi Meiling, 33; Luu Li, 44; Ni Junling, 65; Ma Cuilian, 45; Gu Yanyun, 49; Song Wanhua, 39; Wang Hui, 59; Lian Xu, 24; Zhu Yufeng, 39; Liang Meihua, 55; Qu Shumei, 38; Liang Xianglian, 52; Wang Wenfeng, 62; Xing Limei, 65; Li Ping; Sun Qianyi (Total 43 people above) Li Chunhui, 33, 2 years; Liu Shuxiang, 51, 1 year; Wang Ronghong, 34, 2 years; Wang Haiying, 29, 3 years; Quan Xiaonan, 29, 3 year; Wang Jing, 26, 2 years; Wan Dongxia, 33, 3 years; Zhao Jing, 36, 2 years; Zhang Hua, 47, 2 years; Wan Jing, 46, 3 years; Qu Yuhuan, 38, 2 years; Wang Hurong, 40, 3 years; Wu Yueju, 49, 3 years; Hu Shuzhen, 44, 2.5 years; Yang Shurong, 45, 2 years; Pan Yulian, 55, 3 years; Yang Shuzhen, 51, 2 years; Gu Chunhua, 53, 2 years; Sun Ying, 59, 3 years; Jiang Ruihong, 60, 2 years; Li Dongfang, 41, 2 years; Xu Zhulan, 57, 2 years; Fu Lanju, 57, 2 years, Yang Shuhua, 54, 2 years; Luu Zhenrong, 52, 2 years; Xie Dewen, 38, 3 years; Song Shuxiang, 59, 3 years; Li Dongfeng, 43, 2 years; Yu Fei, 32, 2 years; Liu Xiaoli, 44, 1 year; Liu Jia, 21, 2 years; Gu Anning, 31, 2 years; Zhang Jing, 29, 2 years; Ding Hong, 33, 2 years; Yu Weihong, 35, 2 years; Wang Jiuyun, 57, 2 years; Shen Aihua, 32, 1 year; Han Li, 30, 3 years; Yin Yijun, 36, 3 years; Zhang Fuling, 45 (Total 40 people above) We know the names of 83 practitioners. Another 14 practitioners were transferred to Yaojia Detention Center. [North China Oil Field and Renqiu City, Hebei Province] Large Number of Practitioners Sentenced to Labor Re-Education After They Went to Appeal in Beijing In October, to safeguard the Fa, practitioners from North China Oil Field and Renqiu City have distributed more than 50,000 truth-clarifying flyers. Many practitioners went to Tiananmen Square to peacefully appeal. Consequently, many have been recently sentenced to prison, including 17 people from the North China Oil Field and over 50 people from Renqiu City. Practitioners who were sentenced to three years included Li Jingling and Wang Shuzhen from the Well Survey Corporation of North China Oil Fields; Li Danfeng and Fu Yanfei from the No. 1 Construction Corporation of the Oil Field;, Zhai Shufen from the No. 2 Machinery Factory; Liao Yongheng and Qin Shu'er from the Transportation Corporation. Those who were sentenced to two years included Li Rulan and Fang Zhuying. The Ba County police detained Wu Zhidong of the No. 2 Oil Extraction Factory 30 days when he was photocopying truth materials. Wu was continuously jailed rather than being released after he was picked up by the public security department chief Wang of the North China Oil Fields. Yang Guoshen and Wang Jun of the Oil Survey Corporation and Li Jianbin of the No. 2 Oil Extraction Factory stepped forward to validate Dafa on October 27. They were all detained at Xuanwu District Detention Center in Beijing and have been sent to labor camp. Lu Zhanping, 3 years of labor re-education in March 2000, and Zheng Shuyan, 3 years of labor re-education in September both are detained at Shijiazhuang Women's Labor Re-education Center. He Huifang from Beikan [North China Oil Field Survey] was sent a labor camp and no one knows his whereabouts. Zhang Xueyong was sentenced to one year of labor re-education at Wan Town. In Renqiu City, 7 practitioners were arrested and more than 40 were sent to labor re-education. Zhang Xueyong (employee of the Longfong division of the Oil Science Research Institute, China Oil and Natural Gas Corporation) wrote to the government to report true situations of Falun Gong in October 1999. On March 3, 2000, the police of Longfong City, Hebei Province arrested him just because he had downloaded the Falun Gong founder's picture from the Internet. After being brutally beaten up, Zhang was illegally detained at the Longfong Detention Center. On June 30, he was illegally sentenced to one year of labor re-education. Zhou Liping (nurse, North China Oil Field Hospital, China Oil and Natural Gas Corporation) was illegally detained twice and beaten because she went to Beijing to tell the truth. Since January 2000, she was forced to leave her job and was only given 210 Yuan [US $25] for living expenses. She has a daughter. Since her husband Zhang Xueyong was sentenced to labor re-education, she is living with help from her parents. [Chende City, Hebei Province] More Than 20 Practitioners Who Planned on Going to Beijing were Detained In Chende City, more than 20 practitioners were detained, as they were planning to go to Beijing to validate Dafa. At present, there were over 50 practitioners detained in Chende Detention Center. Female practitioners have been sent to several nearby county detention centers. [East Heilongjiang Province] News A Dafa practitioner from Donghai Town, Jidong County and another Dafa practitioner from Erdaohezi Town went on hunger strike for 9 days in the No. 2 Detention Center of Jixi City. They were forced down on the ground by 4 or 5 people and forcibly fed twice. A retired elementary school teacher from Jidong City was arrested on the way to Beijing to safeguard the Fa. She was released after a 9-day hunger strike. The police asked her family for 3,000 Yuan [US $420] as a "deporting fee". After being refused payment, the police actually conspired with her school to deduct the money from the practitioner's retirement pension each month. [Jixi City, Heilongjiang Province] Several Telephone Numbers of Evil Forces Jixi Police Station Operator: 011-86-467-2353281 Police Chief: 011-86-467-2354615, 011-86-467-2356597 Appealing Division: 011-86-467-2353732 No. 2 Detention Center: 011-86-467-2324308, 011-86-467-2325053 Labor Camp: 011-86-467-2670164, 011-86-467-2670165 Labor Chief: 011-86-467-2670666 Jixi City Government: 011-86-467-2352048, 011-86-467-2356834 Hengshan Detention Center: 011-86-467-2462580 [Songyuan City, Jilin Province] Practitioners Arrested When Safeguarding the Fa Practitioners Zhang Minghao, Wang Zhiyuan, Wang Zhanhai, Liu Qingmei, Zhen Deming, Cheng Baozhang, Wu Jiepeng and others went to Tiananmen Square to safeguard the Fa or told the truth of Dafa in Songyuan city. They are now in custody at Jiangbei and Jiangnan Detention Centers of Songyuan City. Police threatened they would be sent out for 3 years of labor re-education if they refuse to repent in a month. [Laixi, Shandong Province] Disclosing Laixi City Evil Police Wang Tao, male, about 30 years old, used to be a police patrolman. Due to his "outstanding" effort in detaining and torturing Falun Gong practitioners, he was promoted to work at the Politics and Security Division of the City Police Bureau. During that time, he persecuted the practitioners in an extremely vicious way. In Laixi City government liaison-office in Beijing, he handcuffed a practitioner's arms from the back and cruelly beat the practitioner. He beat practitioner Tan Xiaoyan so viciously that her face was full of bruises and she couldn't even move her arms. He also took away practitioners' belongings that were sent in by practitioners' families. Liu Yunhua, male, about 30 years old, deputy head in Politics and Security Division. He often beat and abused practitioners. On November 22, Liu beat and kicked Tan's sister while he was searching practitioner Tan Xiaoyan's house with Wang Tao and Zhang Luning. When Tan was taken to the police station, Liu and Wang Tao handcuffed Tan from the back, knocked her down, stepped on her and beat her. They poured cold water down from her neck and at the same time they claimed, "it's our job". They didn't allow Tan to eat, drink and sleep for a whole day and night. [Laishui County, Hebei Province] Delayed News: Practitioners Sent to a Labor Camp for Promoting the Fa; Two Police Officers Pass Out on the Spot While Beating Practitioners On September 17, 4:30am, in Laishui County, Hebei Province, 24 practitioners came to Shiping Farmer's Market to practice Falun Gong exercises and study the Fa. They promoted the Fa and showed its glory to the nearby passengers. After 5:00 am, several police vehicles arrived. Police started to beat the practitioners using tree branches and they also used leather shoes to beat practitioners' faces. Finally, they arrested all 24 practitioners and detained them in a local police station. In the station, police kept on beating practitioners. Suddenly, two of the police fell down unconscious. Other police had an abnormal feeling in their bodies in the evening. The next day, the police dared not to beat the practitioners. So, they tried to make practitioners beat each other. When the practitioners refused to do so, the police started to abuse practitioners again. Out of a total of 24 practitioners arrested, 3 were detained as criminals and 21 were forced to do heavy labor (sifting sand). On October 3, 1:00 am, based on a list of names of practitioners who went to Beijing on July 20, Laishui County police started to arrest large numbers of practitioners without any reason. Except one practitioner whose village head refused to cooperate, over 80 practitioners from all the other villages were arrested and forced to do heavy labor (sifting sands) together with the 21 previously arrested practitioners. Family members were not allowed to see the practitioners and were told to wait at least two weeks.