(Clearwisdom.net) Under the CCP's manipulation and direction, prison guards Yu Fuqi, Zhang Yi, Liu Yichen, Ma Wenzhang, An Zhiying, Ma Li, Bu Yanli, Dong Xue, Li Xiuzhen, Lan Guangyu, Du Liping and Li Lin commanded inmates to torture Falun Gong practitioners. They utilized inmates Lan Qizhi, Tang Hui, She Qiaoling, Xie Zhanfang, Li Wenrui and Yang Jianmei to carry out the torture.

Forced Labor

There were regulations in the prison stating that no forced labor was allowed. Yet the prison guards instigated inmates with serious offenses such as murderers, drug traffickers and swindlers to beat other inmates. When the guards said that inmates could have "a rest," they meant that the inmates could bring their work to their cells while guards convened long meetings in the cells at the same time. They didn't take into consideration any of the inmates' physical well being and physical capacity. Some inmates worked until they passed out. After regaining consciousness, they had to continue working.

For several years an inmate (not a practitioner) from a minority ethnic group worked really hard in hopes of gaining recognition or a sentence reduction. But the prison guards were not moved at all by her hard work. She was so desperate that she committed suicide by swallowing broken glass and fell from a high bed. She sustained head and leg injuries. The inmate who was in charge of the cell kicked her three times, claiming the inmate was "pretending."

Inadequate Meals

From the eve of a Chinese New Year until mid-January on the Chinese lunar calendar, the prison fed the inmates tofu dregs. Inmates didn't have any decent meals except for two meals of simple dumplings. It was not until the Eighth of March when visitors came to visit the prison that they had a meal of noodles and egg soup. During the Chinese New Year period, a few inmates were given a small piece of tofu dreg cake which was not any bigger than a one yuan coin. Inmates were given cumin meat and each one had only three pieces of fatty meat. There were chicken legs in the dining hall for the month of January, but they were for visitors, not inmates. During the CCP's "Two Conferences"period, inmates were allowed to eat a meal of fried noodles and one chicken leg. The purpose was to make inmates' family members believe that the inmates were treated well.

Ma Li, a guard in the Seventh Cell Area, conspired with inmates who mistreated other inmates to take money from those inmates to buy food for prison guards.

Prison Guards Support Inmates in Charge of Cells

Inmate Wang Jinluan was favored by prison guards for her cruelty and was given the right to freely beat inmates. Prison guards invited inmates who were in charge of cells to have meals together and conspired with them to abuse other inmates.

Prison guards An Zhiying, Ma Li, Bu Yanli, Li Xiuzhen, Dong Xue, Lan Guangyu, Du Liping and Li Lin have directly participated in persecuting Falun Gong practitioners. Ma Li had inmates with infectious diseases such as hepatitis and liver disease stay with Falun Gong practitioners for long periods of time. They were not allowed to come out and were monitored strictly. Guards even recorded their toilet use time. On Sundays they were not allowed to have breakfast and were only given two meals a day. Inmates had to work without any breakfast until noon. In the evening, they had to bring work to their cells. Occasionally inmates were sent back a bit earlier, but they were forced to sing songs praising the CCP. If they didn't all sing, they were not allowed to sleep.

They invented all sorts of rules and fines. For example, inmates were not allowed to talk or eat anything sent to them by their families, or they would get fined. There were all sorts of point deduction systems. If inmates couldn't recite the prison regulations, they would be penalized and forced to stand still for a long time, and points would be deducted. If a guard didn't like an inmate on a particular day, the inmate would not be allowed to see her family members at the meeting time. If inmates didn't work to their full capacity, they would be penalized and made to stand still for a long time. The inmates worked long hours under extreme conditions every day. Sleep was not restful at night as they were sore in every part of their body, with hands trembling and hearts painfully throbbing. If they were sick, they couldn't say anything about it. When they could not bear it and they cried, guards would swear at them. They were not allowed to see a doctor unless it was life threatening.

Under long term high pressure, inmates used violence to release their anger. Everything could be stolen, even the prison clothes, and of course food. Inmates struggled in despair, but still they did not dare to tell their family members because once it was discovered that family members were informed, they were not allowed to see them again. The prison put on shows falsely depicting how they educated inmates for the visitors to see. In reality, only the inmates in certain cell areas were allowed out for a short while, while in other areas inmates had no chance. It was rumored that there were shower rooms for inmates, but no one has seen them. Every day each inmate was given one kettle of water for drinking, adding to instant noodles and for washing. The "menu" was for show only. If one day the meal suddenly became a bit better, there were probably visitors, or they were being videotaped. When Falun Gong practitioners were "transformed", they were forced to learn to practice other qigong exercises. Inmates were brainwashed and forced to watch the CCP's video programs for long periods of time.