(Clearwisdom.net) On May 17, 2009, I was very fortunate to take part in a Falun Dafa Experience Sharing Conference in Toronto, Canada. Through sharing with fellow practitioners, I came to have a deeper understanding.

One practitioner said, when Dafa practitioners in their district became as one body, "The whole body of practitioners would achieve a state of no energy channels and no acupuncture points, with your entire body connected into a whole." I was deeply touched by what she said. If every Dafa practitioner could be like an energy channel of the universe, and when all of us are connected together, the whole body of Dafa practitioners could produce unimaginable energy. Teacher said,

"If a Buddha waved his hand once, all of humankind's diseases could be wiped out; this is absolutely achievable." (Zhuan Falun)

If all of us, future Buddhas, Taos, and Gods, are connected into one whole body, what can we not achieve?

As Dafa practitioners, in the process of individual cultivation to Fa-rectification, which is now in its final stage, it is time for us to become one body. Being one body is the requirement of the new cosmos. Why does the old universe and the old forces exist? Because they don't understand harmony in the whole body, they are interfering with Teacher's Fa-rectification based on their own selfishness. As for us, we used to be part of the old universe, so we carry this kind of quality as well. Thus, we must work hard to cooperate with fellow practitioners in order to eliminate the bad tendency--we must let go of our selfishness in harmonizing one body. In so doing, we may be able to keep up with the standard of the new cosmos, guaranteeing that the new cosmos will remain the same forever.

Dafa practitioners, in the process of eliminating the old forces' obstacles, are continually looking within ourselves to dig out the root of selfishness, enlarging our capacity, and basically changing our human notions. Through fellow practitioners' experience sharing, we all have seen that when an area has a higher degree of cooperation, Fa-rectification projects proceed faster and achieve greater results. Likewise, when there is a loophole in cooperation in an area, Fa-rectification projects will surely go slower, and their results will not be as notable. Teacher said,

"You are one body, just like Master's gong. Of course you and gong aren't the same thing, I'm just giving an example."(Guiding the Voyage, "Teaching the Fa at the Washington, D.C. International Fa Conference")

We are just like micro-particles of Teacher's gong. Could you imagine these micro-particles rejecting one another? Absolutely not!

In the Fa conference, I heard the greetings sent from Master, and the message seemed to serve as a serious reminder. Why do some areas have difficulties in proceeding with Fa-rectification projects? It is because we did not understand the Fa fully, did not cultivate ourselves well, and did not have enough strong righteous thoughts. When some practitioners came up with suggestions, the very first thing we often think would be "objection," not "supplementing," not "cooperation," let alone "consummation." These kind of thoughts have become a habit in some areas, so we must change this human notion.

Teacher said,

"The evil is finished and the environment has changed." ("Greetings", May 17, 2009)

Since the evil is finished, why do interference and the persecution still exist? When Teacher said that the evil is finished, it is really finished. Previously, when coming across something, we used to stress, "old forces' arrangement" and "the evil's persecution". Now, with the old forces gone and the evil finished, we can only look within ourselves. Is it Dafa practitioners' human mindset that is causing the "problems" (evil interference and persecution) that should be nonexistent already?

We have to look within ourselves unconditionally. Only by finding the deep root of our selfishness and the misunderstandings among fellow practitioners, can we compassionately solve them. Everyone in each area should aim at cultivating as one body, and then combine one area with the next as one body. And then we can combine U.S. practitioners, Canadian practitioners, European practitioners with those of Taiwan, other Asian practitioners and those of mainland China as one big body. We must really give up our ego and selfishness to cooperate and help other practitioners worldwide. In so doing, we can then enter the new cosmos with confidence and an open mind.