Practitioners Shackled to a Cross and Tortured at Weifang City Detention Center, Shandong Province

( A special instrument of torture is used on Falun Dafa practitioners at the Weifang City Detention Center in Shandong Province. It is made of steel bars and metal plumbs. When a practitioner is shackled to the instrument, his or her arms are stretched out like a cross. The person's hands are shackled separately and the legs are shackled together. The victim is restrained and kept immobile except for the head. Once affixed, the practitioner is tortured and force-fed, sometimes for as long as a few consecutive days and nights.

Ms. Yang Dongzhi Dies as a Result of Persecution

( Ms. Yang Dongzhi in Jiujiang City, Jiangxi Province, was retired from the Saicheng Lake Aquatic Product Field. In order to safeguard the law of the universe, Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance, and to save the world's people, she endured cruel persecution by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and passed away on July 10, 2008.

Mr. Ma Kaihua in Renqiu City, Hebei Province, Inhumanly Persecuted During the Olympics

( Mr. Ma Kaihua, a Falun Gong practitioner from Beicaokou, Renqiu City, Hebei Province, is 53 years old. He is well-known in his village as a good person. He is a professional interior decorator. He charges low prices and provides high quality services for houses he decorates, and everybody in the local area knows about him. Nevertheless, during the Beijing Olympics, he was cruelly persecuted by Chinese Communist Party police.

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