(Clearwisdom.net) Included below are reports of crimes carried out in Xuzhou City, Jiangsu Province, during the Chinese ruling regime's persecution of Falun Gong:

I. Detention in Mental Hospitals

In December 2000, the following Falun Gong practitioners were sent to the Xuzhou Mental Hospital: Gao Chuanyin, Gao Xiayun, Lu Bingling, Niu Shuxia, Wang Jinghua, Meng Qinquan, Wang Hui, and Wang Ping. In March, 2001, practitioners Wu Di, Peng Zhongmei, Ding Jianhua, Yuan Ling, Guo Juanling, Bian Guiling, Wang Yumei, Dong Mei, Gao Chunmei, and Ma Jiling were held at the same place.

Central nervous system-damaging drugs were administered to the practitioners against their will. If they refused to submit, doctors, nurses, and staff would hold them down, force open their mouths, and make them swallow the drug. Once the drug took effect and had damaged their central nervous system, they needed the physical support of others to stabilize them on the way to the toilet. Their hands and legs trembled, they stared blankly, they drooled, and they had difficulty moving their necks. The forced administration of toxic drugs disrupt the menstrual cycles of some of the women practitioners. Practitioners were not allowed to have visits from family members, and they were isolated from society for more than ten months.

II. Persecution in Brainwashing Centers

Organizations taking part in the Brainwashing:

1. Labor Camps - including Wangcun Forced Labor Camp in Zibo City, Shandong Province
2. Schools - including Xuzhou Normal College Jiawang Campus and Jiawang School for Coalmine Officials
3. Township government organizataions, including Pinglou Township in Suining County, Xuzhou, and Luzhuang Township in Jiawang District
4. Companies where practitioners work, including the Zhifang Institute of the Xuzhou Mineral Bureau and the Xinpeng Company in Hanqiao
5. Hotels - including Suyuan Hotel and Jishan Hotel in the Quanshan District, Xuzhou City

Individuals taking part in the administration of brainwashing centers included personnel from the 610 Office of province, city, district and county levels, and work unit Party secretaries, security section heads, and hatchet men such as Wang Yue, Gu Ya, Xiong Wangli, Wang Gang, Gong Ning, Liu Hu, and Yang Huaibei, as well as personnel specialized in brainwashing.

Ms. Xu Chunlong was handcuffed in the introspection room for 48 hours, with her body and face black and blue from having been beaten. Her eyes, beaten to purple, were so swollen she couldn't open them. They also tortured her by injecting water into her nose. Ms. Ji Huili was beaten so brutally that she was unable to stand up even two months later, and couldn't walk unless someone supported her. They beat Ms. Xie Hongji's face until it bled, and then dragged her into the introspection room, where she was handcuffed behind her back for 48 hours.

Practitioners held in the brainwashing center at the Wangcun Forced Labor Camp were subjected to tortures such as sitting on a bench or standing for a long time, sleep deprivation, and being savagely beaten. They were also threatened, cursed, barraged with lies and false kindness, deprived of sleep, forced to keep the same posture, and deprived of the right to meet with their family members.

At Suining Brainwashing Center, Mr. Zhu Xianghe died as a result of gross abuse within five days, and his eyes and organs were removed. Ms. Shi Zhongling was abused for one year and two months, and subjected to tortures causing two broken ribs. She lived in continual fear after her release. She didn't disclose anything about her suffering at the brainwashing center until several days before her death two years ago.

After Ms. Shi Zhongling was imprisoned for seven months in Luzhuang Brainwashing Center, she and another practitioner were taken to the Suining Brainwashing Center. Practitioners were locked up separately, one in each room, and brutally beat. They were not allowed to leave the room for any reason. Ms. Shi refused to participate in drill exercises or wear the required uniform, so she was put in the confinement room several times. It was humiliating for her to have to relieve herself and eat in the same room. She was locked up for five months.

Ms. Shi Zhongling went on a hunger strike and refused to be brainwashed. Suining City 610 Office heads Gong Taibing and Yang Shuguang manipulated hatchet men Zhang Xinli, Wang Yue, Wang Gong, Wang Li, Guo Ya, and Wang Guangpin to beat her to the ground. They pilled her up and then continued beating her. They used thin bamboo sticks to hit her entire body, including her face, fingers, and chest. They broke several sticks in the process. She lost consciousness several times, and her whole body became black and blue. They revived her with water, then continued beating her. They also twisted her hands behind her back and handcuffed her to a metal ring attached to concrete on the ground, which kept her in an awkward position, unable to move for seven days, during high summer temperatures. When they opened the confinement room door later, the heat in the room kept them from entering. (Other practitioners said that during her stay in the room, they even sprayed pesticides into the room.)

One and a half years later Shi Zhongling still refused to be "reformed," so they intensified the torture. More than 20 people in turn tortured her. She was physically and mentally devastated. Her weight dropped so low that she was skin and bones. Even so, she was still forced to stand up for two days and nights in a row. When she eventually became muddle-headed, they made her sign "four statements" (similar to the three statements) they had prepared in advance.

The duration of the brainwashing sessions varied from one month to more than ten months, depending on the situation. Some practitioners were sent to different brainwashing centers to be persecuted.

Practitioners sent to brainwashing sessions included Gao Chuanyin, Meng Qinghua, Lu Shouhua, Wang Jinghua, Gan Xinjun, Zhao Zhongliang, He Peixiu, Niu Shuxia, Wang Meidi, and others.

III. Sentenced to Forced Labor or Imprisonment

If practitioners refused to denounce their belief, 610 Office agents sent them to a forced labor camp or secretly sentenced them to prison.
Mr. Gen Huaipu was sentenced to one year of forced labor beginning July 2000 at Fangqiang Forced Labor Camp and three years at Nanhu Forced Labor Camp in Xuancheng County, Anhui Province, beginning April 2003
Mr. Chen Donglin and Mr. Sun Jingfu were sentenced to four years at Hongzehu Prison in Jiangsu Province
Ms. Yang Meizhen was sentenced to four years at the Sihong County Forced Labor Camp. She was on the verge of death upon returning home and died one year later.
Ms. Qin Na, sentenced to two years of forced labor
Mr. Wang Qingli, sentenced to two and a half years of forced labor
Mr. Gan Xinjun, Zhao Zhongliang, Zhang Changjin, and Wang Guangpin, sentenced to one year of forced labor at Fangqiang Forced Labor Camp in Jiangsu Province
Ms. Sun Qiwei, Sun Shouyue, and Wang Jinxiang were imprisoned at Judong Women's Forced Labor Camp in Nanjing

In 2008, more than 30 practitioners including Chen Jiying, Chen Cuanxia, Xu Qihua, Yuan Ling, Zhao Lijun, Li Kaihui, and Huang Zhili were sentenced to three, five, or eight years in prison. All these practitioners were repeatedly persecuted.

During the nine years of persecution, practitioners have been continually harassed, threatened, and detained, had their wages withheld and their homes ransacked, and been put under surveillance. What we have disclosed here is just a drop in the bucket. For details, please refer to the Clearwisdom website.

Organizations taking part in brainwashing:

In Jiawang District of Xuzhou City, the police stations, including Xiaqiao Police Station, Laokuang Police Station, Zizhuang Police Station, Jushan Police Station, Daquan Police Station, Fencai Police Station, Xuzhou Police Department, and Jiawang District Police Department

Quanshan District Police Department

The 610 Offices in Jiangsu Province, Xuzhou City, Gulou District, Jinshanqiao, and Jiawang District

The Domestic Security Division, Gulou District Police Department, Jinshanqiao District Police Department, Yangzhuang Police Station

Hanqioa Coal Mine of Xuzhou Mineral Bureau and its security section

August 24, 2008