(Clearwisdom.net) Ms. Hu is from Mainland China. Sharing her thoughts about the Mid-Autumn Spectacular presented by Divine Performing Arts on September 27, she said that it was her first time to be moved to tears by dance.

"I read about this show on the Internet and was very impressed by it. My family moved to Toronto a month ago and thus we were able to watch the Spectacular in person. Somehow, I just cried through the show. This is the very first time for me to be moved to tears by dance," said Ms. Hu.


Ms. Hu: "This is the very first time for me to be moved to tears by dance."

Ms. Hu was certainly not alone. Also from China, Ms. Lin said that the show is very different from shows in Mainland China, as it places heavy emphasis on traditional values. Lin and her family just came to Canada two weeks ago from Guangzhou. When asked to summarize her feelings about the show, Ms. Lin said that it was a special pleasure which was hard to describe. When asked about her opinion about Falun Gong, Lin said, "I heard about Falun Gong while I was in China and I knew the persecution was very brutal and unjustified. People nowadays know that the state-run media have little credibility and thus we analyze the news and come to our own conclusions despite the propaganda."

Ms. Lu, who saw the show with her friends, said that she would recommend the show to others. "The quality of the Spectacular surpasses many other shows. Even though people nowadays are very busy, they should come to see it."

Mr. Wu and his family traveled from western New York to Toronto to see the Spectacular. He said that this was the best show that he had ever seen. He enjoyed the classical Chinese dance as well as the traditional values conveyed by the different acts. When asked about his opinion on the pieces about the persecution of Falun Gong, Wu paused and then said, "I am very sad for their suffering."