(Clearwisdom.net) From September 24 to 28, the Divine Performing Arts presented six Mid-Autumn Spectacular shows in Toronto and received rave reviews from the audience.

Rashid Kurmally: The show presents rich cultural content

Pauline Helfert and Lisa Malcolm both enjoyed the show

Kathy Harris and her husband drove more than two hours to see the Spectacular

Rashid Kurmally, a retired businessman, gave high remarks on the show. He said, "It was very inspiring, and I enlightened to some deep cultural connotations. All the performers are very talented and the show is just great. The cultural content conveyed by the show is far beyond so-called Chinese culture discussed by everyday people."

Prashant Kathotia, originally from India, is a graduate of the University of Toronto and currently works for the Bank of Montreal. Upon the recommendation of a friend, he came to see the show with many of his MBA classmates. Coming from different countries, these young people found the show very classy and were pleased to learn more about traditional Chinese culture. Prashant said, "It is such a great opportunity to see an authentic oriental show in Canada. China and India have similar cultural origins and I can easily appreciate the connotations behind the acts."

Pauline Helferty and her mother Lisa Malcolm are both music teachers. The mother and daughter said that they enjoyed the show and the music and dance were great. Pauline said, "I liked 'The Risen Lotus Flower' which depicted the persecution of Falun Gong practitioners. This piece passed on a very important message. We often run into news [about persecution] and then forget it as if it had nothing to do with us. However, this piece was very touching and unforgettable."

Kathy Harris and her husband live in London, Ontario and they drove more than two hours to see the show. Ms. Harris said, "The show was excellent and the music was outstanding. This is our first time to watch this show, and we will recommend it to our friends."