1. Conforming to Ordinary Human Society is not Conforming to the Deviated Moral Standards of Contemporary People

Some people say, "Doesn't conforming to human society mean that you have to have a job and a family? Acting 'against the government,' getting thrown into prison, having your boss, colleagues and family negatively impacted by the Chinese Communist Party's implication policies, isn't that not conforming to the ordinary human society?" Those people who say this simply use a deviated logic: No matter how evil the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is, no matter how the Party violates the Constitution and people's freedom of belief, no matter how cruelly they tyrannize, the people of the country should absolutely obey and just let them exploit.

The moral standards today are a thousand miles away from the normal standards that people had in ancient times. In the past, people treated those who laid down their lives for a just cause as heroes. Nowadays people say, "Whosoever understands the times is a great man," and call those who sell their conscience for self interest smart men.

As a cultivator, first we have to be a good person with high moral values, a person with integrity, one who conducts themselves in a dignified manner, one who other people respect. Such a person is not a coward who is frightened at the slightest hint of a disturbance, or one who drags out an ignoble existence. When conforming to human society, we conform to the standards of good people, not bad ones.

2. Conforming to Ordinary Human Society is not Receding Unconditionally Without a Moral Bottom-line

During cultivation, we treat all tribulations and difficulties as good opportunities to let go of attachments and improve xinxing. However, due to some practitioners' misunderstanding of the Fa, the evil has always been able to take advantage of our loopholes and persecute us relentlessly. The situation existed even before July 20, 1999 (when the persecution officially began). Master purposefully wrote an article entitled "Expounding on the Fa" for us. After the persecution began, a lot of practitioners did not understand the Fa well. They did not know what to do and endured the persecution passively. Master again wrote several scriptures for us, including "Beyond the Limits of Forbearance," and "Dafa Disciples' Righteous Thoughts are Powerful," bestowing on Dafa disciples the divine power to eliminate the evil.

However there were practitioners who did not have strong righteous thoughts in the face of problems. Instead of doing things according to Dafa, they were affected by a human mindset and did things according to human desires. Their reason was, "We have to let other people understand, right?" They even thought they did well. They were thus being taken advantage of by the evil and experienced adversities at work and at home which interfered with their cultivation.

Letting go of attachments is not letting go of our jobs or our lives, it is not indulging people's bad thoughts and bad deeds, even less is it authorizing the evil to persecute us at will. Dafa applies to all levels from high to low, and even in the human world there exists justice. Maintaining the form of Dafa in the human world is also to maintain the manifestation of the Fa in the human world. Our every behavior now will create the normal way of living for the future human beings. In a word, how can a high-minded, good person manifest a poor image of being bullied and helpless?

3. Conforming to Ordinary Human Society is Not Being Limited to Ordinary Human Notions

It's very normal for an ordinary person to have an attachment to fear under great pressure, and to try to flee. This is like the Chinese saying, "Where there is life, there is hope." There are also people who would struggle with life and show their will with death. This is like another Chinese saying, "Nobody can avoid death, let me leave loyalty to shine in history."

However, as a cultivator, we evaluate things according to the Fa principles above the ordinary human society. He can see through the myth in this dimension and see the ultimate truth, which is: everything is restricted by the universal Dafa and everything happens for a reason. The manifestations of everything in the human world all have microscopic factors in other dimensions. If the factors in other dimensions are cleared awat, what could the evildoers do in this human world? How could the evil be able to commit such colossal crimes of damaging Dafa if we cultivators did not have human attachments for them to take advantage of? If each cultivator does not have fear in the face of persecution, and instead we treat everything with strong righteous thoughts and use our divine powers to eliminate the evil, where can the evil flee to? How can the persecution continue?

How to act and how to cultivate is an individual choice. Wake up! Each opportunity for us to make a choice will not be presented twice. Our choices will determine our future positions.

The above is my personal understanding at my present level. Fellow practitioners, please point out anything that does not comply with the Fa.

July 14, 2008