(Clearwisdom.net) I was born in in a mountain village and I am 18 years old. I am now working in a city on the coast. Work at the factory is very tiring. The first half of 2008, I did not feel well and often felt a pain in the area around my heart. I went to a big local hospital, and I was found to have chronic myocarditis--inflammation of the heart muscle--and the doctor said I needed to be admitted to the hospital for treatment. I thought, "A disease like that cannot be cured in one or two days. How can I afford to stay in such a big hospital?" I bought some medicines and went home. I thought I could go back home to be hospitalized in a smaller hospital.

When I had a holiday on May 1, 2008, I went home. After I got off the train, I went to the home of my aunt, who is a Falun Dafa practitioner. My aunt noticed my pale complexion and asked what had happened. When I told her about my disease, she said, "No worries. You just need to recite in your mind 'Falun Dafa is good' and '"Truth-Compassion-Tolerance" is good!' You should be all right. " (I had quit the Chinese Communist Party and its affiliated organizations previously.)

I could not eat and I was in pain and uncomfortable. My aunt took me to the hospital to find a relative who worked in the hospital. After he heard about my disease, he was also very worried and took me for an examination. The exam results showed that I indeed had chronic myocarditis and a virulent cold. He issued a certificate for me to stay in hospital. My aunt said, "It is not possible for her to stay today. She just got here and hasn't even gone home yet! It is too rushed. Let's wait for a few days and see!"

That evening my aunt showed me the DVDs of the Divine Performing Arts Chinese Spectacular and Holiday Wonders and played the Heavenly Sounds music CD for four hours. The more I watched, the more comfortable I felt. I had a good sleep that night.

The second morning when I got up, I didn't feel any pain and I felt very comfortable. I took a few DVDs and went home. I hadn't been home for a long time. I told my parents the miracle that happened to me, and we all watched the DVD of the Chinese Spectacular together. After I came home, I felt very comfortable and didn't take any medicine.

After one week's holiday, I went back to the factory to work. I went to the big hospital that had diagnosed my myocarditis and had another comprehensive examination, spending over 500 yuan. Going over the results, the doctor said, "You are healthy and quite normal." I called home and told my family that after I watched the Chinese Spectacular DVD, I recovered from myocarditis.