1. Lucky to Obtain Dafa, Cultivating .Diligently

On the morning of March 20, 1996, a friend of mine told me about Falun Gong's amazing ability to cure diseases. I suffered from heart disease and kidney disease, so I asked where I could learn Falun Gong, and my friend taught me the exercises that day. He also gave me a copy of the book Zhuan Falun. I started reading the book right away and finished it that day. I was very happy. I read the book again. I liked to read the book. Teacher purified my body. I studied the Fa every day. Three months later, my illnesses had vanished. Thus, as someone who used to rely on pills, I became very healthy.

Teacher encouraged me to cultivate. When Teacher opened my third eye I saw the three flowers described in the book. The flowers rotated clockwise individually and, at the same time, rotated as a unit. It was really fantastic. I saw them whether my eyes were opened or closed.

2. Clarifying the Truth, Suffering Torture

On April 13, 1999, the evil persecution in our town became worse. We held a small Fa sharing conference and discussed the current situation and what we should do, as Teacher and Dafa were being libeled, and sentient beings were being lied to. Several practitioners and I left for Beijing that afternoon to appeal for Dafa and to clarify the truth. We decided that no matter how much evil we might meet, as long as we let people know the truth, it is was worth making the trip. The following morning we arrived at Tiananmen Square where we saw lots of policemen and visitors. Shortly after we arrived the police forced us into a van. The local police held us in a detention center. We were put in the same place as murderers. We were tortured. Some of us were forced to wear handcuffs and 18 gram fetters. Some of us were beaten with a belt 40 to 50 times. When eight female practitioners started doing the sitting meditation, the police beat them. The policemen dragged the women by their hair and kicked their heads. They also dragged practitioners outside into the snow and continued kicking them. When the officers became tired, they handcuffed the practitioners to high metal wires so they could barely touch the floor with their toes. Some practitioners were handcuffed to big round poles. The eight women wore only light clothing and shoes, but no socks. This situation continued all day and night. Clumps of one practitioner's hair had been ripped out leaving her scalp visible. Another one's hand had been beaten and was numb. It took her over one month to recover and made it difficult for her to work. One female practitioner was a coordinator. She was dragged outside and some of her clothing was torn off. Two male practitioners were handcuffed and bound to the iron bars. They couldn't move at all. The torture lasted at least one day.

3. Protesting the Persecution and Saving Sentient Beings

To protest the inhuman treatment we were subjected to, we went on a hunger strike. We also clarified the truth to the policemen and prisoners. Lots of police officers came to understand Dafa and they didn't harm the practitioners any more. They told the practitioners to go home and practice there. Prisoners in the same cells as the practitioners also learned about Dafa. Some of them started to learn the practice and said that when they left the prison they would find practitioners and learn Dafa. We were really happy for them. We appreciated Teacher's compassion that arranged for them to be saved. We also improved during this time.

In the Spring of 2001 the police arrested me and sent me to a brainwashing center. I was there for six weeks, interrupting my ability to study the Fa. However, I managed to escape. Since I hadn't studied the Fa very well and hadn't paid attention to sending righteous thoughts I encountered tribulations. One day, while drying some corn on the roof, I suddenly collapsed and fell to the ground in severe pain. I asked Teacher to help me. Then, I was all right. I started to do the sitting meditation. When my family heard that I had fallen from the roof they were very worried and all came to see me. Neighbors rushed over as well. When they saw me sitting in meditation, they were all astonished. My son asked me to stand up. I immediately stood up and I told them that my Teacher had protected me and they should not worry. My neighbors in the village all knew that I practiced Falun Gong. They all saw that my illnesses were gone. They all witnessed Dafa's magic power. They understand that Dafa is good and they withdrew from the CCP and chose a good future.

4. Not Fearful, Clearing the Evil

During those eight years, we encountered some interference; but we weren't scared and just eliminated the evil influences. I realized the seriousness of being a cultivator. No matter how busy I was, I made time to do the three things, and made sure I did them well.

One day in March 2007 I had just prepared some truth clarifying materials and was about to leave the house when some police officers arrived and searched my home. They took two copies of Zhuan Falun. My family wasn't afraid of them and sent righteous thoughts and clarified the truth to them, thus, eliminating the evil influence. With such a strong righteous environment, the police ran out of the house. Later, we talked about not following the old force arrangements. As protectors of the whole universe we should clear all the factors that persecute Dafa practitioners or disturb the saving of sentient beings. When we deny the existence of the old forces, we meet Teacher's requirements. We do not accept other's arrangements.

March 24, 2008