(Clearwisdom.net) Sending righteous thoughts recently, I realized that evil forces in other dimensions are making a desperate last-ditch effort. This effort is reflected here in our dimension through the use of the Olympic Games in China as an excuse to create an atmosphere of terror affecting every corner of every city across China where practitioners of Dafa live. We must clearly realize that we absolutely shouldn't accept or cooperate with any old force arrangements to test Dafa practitioners. They are the leftovers of the old universe, unwilling to be weeded out as Fa-rectification moves forward.

Truth clarification materials recently received tell us that practitioners considered "important" and those on CCP blacklists can expect to be attacked or harassed in April 2008. I was asked to send more righteous thoughts. My first reaction was that we should not accept this persecution! Dafa needs each of us and saving sentient beings is primary. Teacher does not recognize these arrangements; neither should we.

Such tensions in human society are a direct test of every Dafa practitioner's character as Fa-rectification moves forward and more evil is eliminated. This also means fewer opportunities for practitioners who are not doing well, to do the right things using righteous thoughts. Every time we pass through a difficult time or face a difficult situation, it is a direct reflection of our character at that moment. How will you behave? Your character is very clear at those critical moments.

We must not recognize the arrangements of evil beings. This is not just talk; this is a requirement of our characters for us to reach the highest realms. We must only follow Teacher's arrangements. We must continue to do well the three things Teacher tells us to do. We clarify the truth by exemplifying the principles of Fa in everything we do and say, exposing the actions of evil beings everywhere. Ultimately, it does not matter what evil beings want to do, they are doomed to fail. Teacher tells us,

"Fa-rectification is sure to succeed, and Dafa disciples are sure to achieve Consummation." ("Greetings")

"Even if the sky were to fall, a cultivator's righteous thoughts would stay unshaken--that is cultivation, and that is remarkable. A cultivator is not attached to anything in this world." ("Teaching the Fa at the Meeting with Asian-Pacific Students")

Everything that has happened in human society exists due to the impact of Teacher's Fa-rectification. Good and bad both mold our characters. No matter how the lives of the old universe behave, Teacher's Fa-rectification is sure to succeed. We are steadfastly walking toward the great Consummation under Teacher's guidance and compassion.

Teacher can give up everything for the sentient beings in the universe, even his own precious life. If we can give up any thoughts of life/death under any circumstances; what is there to fear? When we do not fear life/death, what attachment can we not give up? Is there anything that we are afraid of? We do not necessarily have to face a test of life/death, but we should reach that level of being. A Dafa practitioner gives up fear, remains confident and unaffected by the things of this human society. He does this for the sake of sentient beings going into the future of the universe, for the security of countless celestial bodies and the colossal firmament, and to defend truth. If we can all have a clear understanding of the Fa, we will not be affected by anything in this human society, and the persecution would cease to exist.

Let's all send strong righteous thoughts, completely eliminating the evil factors surrounding the use of the Olympics as an excuse to persecute Falun Gong. Let's do the three things well. Do not let any external situations affect us. Let's form an impregnable one-body. Let's use righteous thoughts to eliminate evil interference and actions. Let's save sentient beings by enlightening them.

The above is a personal understanding. Let's help each other improve together.