(Clearwisdom.net) All eyes were on the stage at the Teatrul National Bucuresti, Romania's national theatre, which lit up like a medieval palace during a grand festival. The Divine Performing Arts was presenting the Chinese Spectacular, a show that has conquered hearts and garnered rave reviews wherever it has appeared. In "The Power of Awareness," the audience broke into a hearty applause when three Communist agents were driven off stage, and the two main performers bowed several times at the end of the program before the applause slowly quieted down.

Romanians express their appreciation with smiles, cheers and applause

And more applause...

Captivated audience, young and old alike

Similar heartwarming scenes occurred many times throughout the two-hour performance, beginning with the opening number, "Descent of the Celestial Kings." When the dancers gracefully twirled handkerchiefs on their fingertips during "Forsythia in Spring," the audience again responded enthusiastically and their fervor was partially subdued only when the two hosts re-emerged to introduce the next program. In fact, it was not uncommon to hear thunderous applause sweeping from orchestra to stage, to the very roof. In the end, the cast answered three curtain calls. After the show, political dignitaries, physicians, artists and entrepreneurs shared their newfound insight drawn from the Spectacular.

Petrus Andea, a Member of the Romanian Parliament, and president of the Polytechnic University of Timisoara, who also teaches at the school's Electronics Department said, "I have just witnessed the soul of Chinese culture unveiled in front of me."

Petrus Andea, Member of the Romanian Parliament, and president of the Polytechnic University of Timisoara

Mr. Andea has visited China several times in the past and holds tremendous respect for the Chinese culture. He said, "This show presents Chinese culture and values through songs and dances adapted from historic tales. These artists conveyed to us the essence of Chinese culture, which I've discovered to be highly tolerant and inclusive of diverse belief systems. I can say with confidence that the entire human civilization originated from Chinese culture."

When discussing the Chinese Embassy's attempt to stop the Spectacular, Mr. Andea said, "China's 5,000-year history cannot be suppressed. I believe Chinese values will always remain embedded in Chinese souls. I'm very happy that I was able to appreciate this performance, and I will tell others to come see it as well."

Corneliu Caras is a doctor who works for Romania's Department of Health, and his wife Mihaela Caras is a doctor who works for the Department of Transportation.

Dr. Corneliu Caras and his wife Mihaela Caras were excited after watching the Spectacular. They called it, "A brand new art"

The couple was excited and elated, and they called the Spectacular, "A brand new art! This show was stunningly exquisite! The Divine Performing Arts brought us traditional Chinese culture, which we've always longed for. The costumes, the dances, the music and the colors were all outstanding! We hope DPA will come back next year."

Renowned dancer and actress Carmen Ungureanu is the winner of multiple awards. She is an acclaimed artist and has performed in Vienna, Paris, Spain, London, Canada, New York City and many other places in the world. One of the roles for which she earned wide praise and popular adoration was Ophelia in Hamlet.

Carmen Ungureanu, renowned dancer and actress, said she enjoyed every program and learned through the Spectacular of the magnificence of classical Chinese dance

Ms. Ungureanu especially liked "Descent of the Celestial Kings." She said, "The first program where the dancers came from above the clouds with mist floating around in heavenly kingdoms down to the stage, and then revealed themselves in front of the audience--it instantly seized my attention. In fact, I liked every program. Today, I finally experienced how wonderful classical Chinese dance is."

Andreea Ranja is the marketing director at BPG Specialist Magazines, and she commented that watching the Spectacular was a unique experience, "Everything was absolutely fantastic! The martial arts, dances and songs were all very interesting. Especially the lyrics, which were quite poignant."

Andreea Ranja, marketing director at BPG Specialist Magazines (left) and Magda Nemiteanu, administrative director at Brand Academy

Andreea Ranja said, "This is a famous theatre and only world-class shows can perform here. I've seen many shows here but today's performance totally stands out--it's the best show I've ever seen!"

Ranja's friend Magda Nemiteanu is the administrative director at Brand Academy. She told the reporter, "Today was the first time I've seen a show like this. It has far exceeded my expectations! I loved all the programs in this evening's performance, and in particular, I was greatly impressed by the 'Mongolian Bowl Dance'."