(Clearwisdom.net) I'm a veteran Falun Gong practitioner who started the practice in 1994. As a store owner, I was kept busy running my business. Because of that and the fact that my education level was low, I did not study the Fa seriously and therefore did not understand it at a deeper level. My family was not very supportive of my cultivation either. When the persecution of Dafa by the Jiang regime started on July 20, 1999, I stopped practicing.

However, Master did not want to leave a single practitioner behind. During the years when I wasn't cultivating, he often arranged for fellow practitioners to chat with me at my store. I knew Dafa was good and righteous and that Master was teaching people to value virtue and kindness and become good people with high morality who would not fight back when challenged nor yell in return when being shouted at. My entire family had benefited from my practicing Dafa. Practitioners told me everything, including Master's new articles and how others were clarifying the truth. One practitioner in particular wanted to sell her jewelry in order to meet the financial needs of truth clarification. I was very touched to hear that. Eventually the sharing took effect and I resumed cultivation in Dafa. When I did not have Dafa books, fellow practitioners managed to find them for me. When I had no exercise music, they helped look for it. When I had no stereo player, practitioners bought one for me. When I forgot the exercises, they taught me patiently.

Before long, I was led to a group Fa study. I could only read slowly in the beginning and made a lot of mistakes with the Chinese characters. Practitioners corrected me patiently. After joining group Fa study, my level of thinking improved and so did my xinxing. My gong grew quickly as well. I had to use my reading glasses when I first studied the Fa, but soon I took them off. I not only read faster but also made fewer mistakes. Sometimes, when I was really focused, I did not get a single character wrong. The characters in the book also appeared bigger than usual. This is truly a manifestation of "Cultivation depends on oneself and gong depends on the Master." I understood what Master described about the physical body being a small universe and however high one's xinxing level is, so is his gong level. We elevate and descend as a whole. That is absolutely true. Here I would like to sincerely thank Master and Dafa.

After joining group Fa study, I noticed that practitioners were doing something, but they would not tell me about it when I inquired. Because I had just stepped forward, there were certain things they did not want me to know yet. I kept asking and finally learned that they were distributing truth-clarifying materials to save people. I expressed interest in going along, but was turned down. After I repeatedly asked, they finally agreed and gave me more than two hundred copies to hand out.

Later on, there were some changes in the Fa study team. I was then invited by a female practitioner, who was also a veteran cultivator, to study the Fa at her home. We studied together during the day and distributed materials at night. She gave me the truth-clarifying materials that she had prepared and asked me to try to hand them out. When we reached an apartment, she would stand by my side, send forth righteous thoughts, and ask me to insert the material under the door. Little by little, my attachment to fear went away. I became more daring and my heart nature matured. It was easy to pass this tribulation. The result could be expected from studying the Fa and cultivating my heart and, of course, with assistance from fellow practitioners.

When I learned that money was needed to make truth-clarifying materials, I sold the jewelry my daughter-in-law had bought me before and gave the money to the materials production site. Although my family owns a store, I was not the money keeper. Since my husband was not supportive of Dafa, I could not use any of it. I managed to save the pocket money my children gave me during Chinese New Year and use it to make flyers. The majority of my family was against my cultivation and few were supportive. My older son-in-law is the head of the local Bureau of Civil Affairs. He repeatedly told my husband, "Those Falun Gong practitioners like Mother make flyers every day. Don't they need money to do that? Maybe it's from their own pockets." After hearing that, my husband was even stricter with me. He constantly offered me opportunities to improve my xinxing. Sometimes I could treat it well and other times could not pass the tribulation, but my desire to cultivate in Dafa did not change.

My son is the director of the city tourism bureau. Every year during the Chinese New Year, he would arrange for my husband and me to go on a vacation. We had been doing that for the past several years, visiting the North and the South, both inside and outside China. It was especially pleasant to visit foreign countries. The world outside is so wonderful. I could see practitioners there openly practice the Falun Gong exercises and clarify the truth. Words could not describe my feelings. We share the same Fa, the same Master, and are all among the one hundred million people who cultivate in Dafa. They could do the exercises and clarify the truth in public, but we are being persecuted. These encounters strengthened my belief in Dafa and also helped a great deal in my daily truth-clarification work.

The course of cultivation is also a path that leads a human being toward maturity and Godhood. During the past few years, I changed from not knowing how to do the three things well and being afraid of clarifying the truth to people face to face to suggesting that they quit the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). I grab every chance to clarify the truth when I sell products and will not miss a single person who has a predestined relationship. If they come to my store, I will clarify the truth and suggest they quit the CCP. I do this during the day and study the Fa with the group in the evening. On the way home from Fa study, I distribute flyers along the way. There are five of us at the group Fa study. One practitioner is a taxi-driver, another was a staff member at a commercial bank who was forced to retire early (due to the persecution), and two ladies who are sisters, both engaged in the educational field. As a team, we cooperate with each other well. All of us step out to validate the Fa and save sentient beings. The taxi-driver clarifies the truth to his customers in the car. The sisters save sentient beings by writing letters.

I've changed a great deal since stepping out to clarify the truth and cultivating my heart nature. I'm energetic and have endless strength in everything I do. When I distribute flyers, I do not feel tired no matter how many stairs I climb. When practitioners give me stickers, I post them in public areas whether it's early in the day or late at night, as long as they can save sentient beings. After a practitioner gave me a stamp with truth-clarifying words engraved on it, I do not skip a single bill I come across. The one-yuan and twenty-yuan paper bills are all stamped. I will do anything that can save sentient beings. My mind is without human attachments or notions. I simply carry out the tasks. I clarify the truth to people face to face and do not miss a single person who comes to me. There are people who leave their names with me every day to quit the CCP, many of whom use their real names.

Once again, I am sincerely grateful for Master's arduous salvation. As a practitioner, I will not let Master down and will follow the Fa-rectification closely.

Thank you, Master! Thank you, fellow practitioners!


March 6, 2008