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3. Lacking Diligence Equates to Eliminating Sentient Beings

After the beginning of the Fa-rectification, my primordial spirit often traveled to my different worlds. Once I saw a celestial maiden teaching children to sing Dafa songs. When I sang with them, I always made mistakes in two places in the lyrics. The children made the same mistakes as a result. I felt quite embarrassed. When I read Dafa books, the sky in that world would be illuminated by numerous light rays, and the sound of my silent reading echoed in the entire world. Then the children would happily shout, "class time, class time", and they would gather at a special place to listen to the Fa. If I lost my focus during Fa study, the children could only hear an incomprehensible voice. If I stopped, the light rays and voice disappeared, and the children were very disappointed. Later whenever I lost my focus during Fa study, I immediately told myself that all sentient beings are also listening. Sometimes when I wanted to stop halfway during my reading, an image of disappointed sentient beings would appear in my mind, which encouraged me to finish reading.

Now that the Fa-rectification is picking up speed, I found that not all different worlds are good and beautiful. Once I traveled to a world and found that the sentient beings there hated Dafa and me, rather like the confused people in China who don't know the truth. Whenever I told them Dafa is good, some of them sniffed at my words, some became cynical. I was puzzled: Why do they still have such a negative attitude? Maybe what I saw was an illusion? Suddenly, two suns appeared in the sky. Then the third and fourth suns rose. The people who had just ridiculed me all looked up to watch the strange phenomenon in the sky.

Suns rose one after the other. Soon there were a total of nine suns in the sky. Then suddenly, the suns began to fall. As each dropped to the earth, a huge piece of land disappeared. People began to panic, and people screamed as they crazily ran around in all directions.

As the suns dropped one after another, I saw numerous buildings and people burn to ashes. When the last sun dropped, the earth split into two halves. Frightened, I tried to put the two halves back together with my palms. But my effort was too little and useless: there was not a single soul left, only the burning hot earth in my hands. I felt terrible. So many lives had disappeared in front of me before I realized what was happening.

Soon after that, a similar event took place in another world. The people there were very selfish and aloof, very much like people in this human world. There were schools and I saw myself as one of the people in that world. Many people there did not have a correct understanding about Dafa. Just as I tried to debate with them to clear their misconceptions, I saw two suns in the sky. I was so frightened because of my similar previous experience, and I knew what was going to happen next. I yelled at the top of my lungs: "Everybody run quickly!" People looked at me with a strange look, thinking I might have a mental illness or something. Then the third sun came up, followed by the fourth. A crack slowly opened up in the blue sky that looked like a dome in an astronomical observatory, and a dark nothingness space appeared. The suns fell one after another. Many people just disappeared before they even had a chance to react. Heavy rain poured down from the sky, causing huge tsunami-like waves that swept away everything. Witnessing the panicky people running for their lives, I was powerless despite my intent to save them. Many people, while being carried away by the water, looked at me with a bitter stare. I received the message without hearing their words: "Why are you not diligent? Otherwise we would not have to die like this." I was shocked suddenly with disbelief: They died because of me?

Quickly, all the lives in that world had died except me. I was alone and lay down in the cold water; rows upon rows of dead bodies were around me. When I closed my eyes, their desperate, blaming looks before their death would appear. I finally realized: this is my world, and the dead people were my sentient beings. Because of my lack of diligent cultivation, they were destroyed before they had a chance to assimilate to Dafa. My irresponsible behavior caused their death. I felt pained, self pity, self blame and regret. I even had a thought to end my life right there.

At that moment, two giant gods arrived from the dark nothingness space. They comforted me by saying that if I become more diligent in the future, the same thing will not happen again. They also told me that they will recreate this world. Then, they began to spin the cosmic dust into a rotating galaxy. Soon, a new universe was born. Everything was brand new. But there were not any sentient beings in it. What's lost is lost forever.

Needless to say, the two massive destructions of life were extremely painful for me. But a third such tragedy was really killing me inside.

I came to an ending world. The people there were not particularly bad. Some were actually quite nice. Many beautiful children seemed to know me well. When I began to speak to them, I felt a sudden chill going through my body that gave me a dreadful feeling. When I looked at the sky, there was a star, not a sun. The star felt cold. Then the second and the third stars started to appear. I felt colder and colder. The people around me seemed to know what was about to happen. Their looks were complicated, resentful, yet warm toward me. They knew they were dying, but no one tried to escape. They formed a circle around me and waited for my decision. I had only one thought: I would rather fight to the death to save their lives. I yelled with all my energy: "I will not let you die, never." They still looked at me with an ambivalent, resentful-like expression.

More stars appeared, crowding the sky. Cold water started to fall and I was freezing. Soon, the stars began to fall one by one. Before they dropped to the earth, I bounced them back to the sky one after another with my hands. These stars were electrically charged, but I was determined not to let them reach the earth. More and more stars appeared, and they fell like rain drops. Soon the water rose knee deep. My energy dwindled. I did not stop bouncing the stars, although my hands became numb from hitting the stars. I yelled: "Stop killing my sentient beings, they don't deserve to die!" The stars piled up on top of my head. I pushed them with my hands to prevent them from falling down.

Now, the people's expression began to change. They no longer resented me. Instead, they felt moved, heartbroken and helpless. I knew they felt my heart and my desire to save them and even to die for them. They did not feel disappointed any longer. But they also knew that I was powerless to save them. Some people bravely walked toward me and jumped into the water, they wanted to help me to lift the falling sky. I yelled: "Go back, don't come here!" I knew the falling stars would kill them. But it was too late. Many people were killed by the stars' electricity. Their dying bodies quivered with agonizing pain, my heart felt their pain. I could say nothing but repeat: No! No! A girl told me before her last breath: "Please get up and do the exercises, do not sleep any longer." I told her while crying: "Yes, I must do the exercises; I will get up and do them right now."

What followed was even more horrible, large piles of stars were falling to the earth. I could not bear watching the tragic scene, so I exited from meditation. The painful scenes were so stunning that I could not hold back my crying while lying in bed. Still feeling the pain, I begged Master to save them. I was so sorry that I was not diligent. Now I have to suffer the pain. I suddenly realized why God told Noah to save more people before the big flood. I also began to understand why Jesus was asking God to forgive the people who put him on the cross. I also came to realize why Master is delaying the end of the current persecution. Because no matter how deviated the sentient beings become and how they misunderstand their Kings, how could the benevolent Gods watch their sentient beings and their children dying off, without any feelings?

Why will sentient beings die? My understanding is this: Fa-rectification has begun, and universes are being renewed. New universes are forming while the old ones are disintegrating. Things from the old universe can enter the future only after they assimilate to the Fa and meet the standard of the new universe. As we study the Fa and cultivate diligently, our own universes are assimilating to the Fa. Since the Fa-rectification is accelerating, the parts of the old universe that have not assimilated to the Fa in time do not meet the new universe's standard, therefore, they would be washed away by the tidal wave of the Fa-rectification. If we want to save sentient beings from elimination, we must be constantly improving our cultivation and catch up with the process of Fa-rectification. Once sentient beings have a chance to assimilate to Dafa in time, their lives will be secure.

Therefore, doing the three things well is extremely important. Your efforts will decide the outcome of your sentient beings' life and death. When the Fa-rectification is over, all Dafa disciples who stay with Dafa will reach consummation. But after you return to your own world, if you see only a handful of remaining sentient beings, your consummation will not be a truly great consummation.

(To be continued)