(Clearwisdom.net) There are different levels at which a cultivator believes in Teacher and the Fa. As the level of a cultivator gets higher, the firmer our belief will be in Teacher and the Fa; as attachments are cast aside, the more we believe in Teacher and the Fa.

With the attachment to selfishness, we cannot firmly believe in Teacher and the Fa. When facing problems, the first thing in our mind would be to protect ourselves and make sure our vital interests are not jeopardized. At that moment, our belief in Teacher and the Fa would become very weak. Only when we can completely cast aside selfishness, can we be free of attachments, with no loopholes, and become unshakable.

At a very high level, choice is the main criteria. Whether we can make the right choice at critical moments comes from the results of our daily cultivation - our thoughts, words and actions.

Tribulations can show how much a cultivator truly believes in Teacher and the Fa. When we reach our limit, whether we can look through the illusion and see the truth, whether we firmly believe in Teacher and the Fa, and do the three things well until the end, will reveal the true level of a cultivator.

Gods look down on those who use human notions and thinking to calculate how to reduce personal loses in front of tests and tribulations. But all cultivators can, and do, make mistakes, and we should learn from our mistakes. We should elevate ourselves, turn the bad things into good, and then we can walk more steadily on our path. That would be a comfort to our Teacher.

December 2, 2008